Ivan & Slavica, thank you so much for helping us fixing our website issue today. You guys have been absolutely amazing.

Big thank you to you, Sanya, Ivan and Aleksandar and your amazing team for all your hard work with our server move. Bella Team

Nathan Calvert - LilPackaging

We migrated our failing Magento 2 website over to 2buy1click back in November of last year, this was after making the decision (under considerable duress) to leave our previous agency during the middle of peak season.

Within the 2 week on-boarding phase their talented team assisted in not only seamlessly migrating the website to a much more capable server (plus saving us money in the process) but they also managed to fix all major bugs, and massively improve stability.

I have been working closely with them for almost 5 months now, and I am happy to report that their level of service, responsiveness to bug fixes (albeit now very minor and few and far between) and their knowledge of Magento has continued to impress me. Their policies on core updates and extensions, maintaining a well managed development site for testing, and working on and pushing changes to production outside of peak hours, have ensured that our customers receive a consistent service with zero down time.

Their project management portal is very easy to use, their task management prioritisation system is simple and effective, and their development hourly budgeting is transparent and well documented (PLUS they consistently use the lower end of estimated time allowed per project, and effectively communicate budget adjustments in a timely manner so as never to impact on project delivery). They also work closely with any third party extension providers to ensure seamless functionality and updates are implemented with zero disruption to service.

If you’re on Magento and you’re fed up with the bugs and stability issues, give Lyndon, Sanya and the team at 2buy1click a call – I really cannot recommend them and their services highly enough.

Colin Berry

Just a quick note to say that the launch went really well yesterday and we got a lot of really positive feedback about how the site looks and works.
We really appreciate the extra effort you put in to ensure that we met our deadlines.

Sara Miller

Lyndon, Sanya and the team at 2buy1click did a wonderful job working with us on the launch of our new website. We had something very particular in mind and they worked closely with us to deliver our exact requirements advising & directing us on the way. Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work – we are delighted with the new site

Ben Smaldon, Renaissance Curtain Accessories

2buy1click really helped us with sorting out a site when we’d got to a critical point on our website. We had a site, but needed help with importing a large amount of data. Lyndon and his team helped us over two days to resolve site issues, enable data import and just get the site live with relevant data. I can’t speak highly enough of how they helped us.

Sabina Siemicka - Lily and Lionel

Thank you for all your hard work and for your support in helping our website grow and improve over the last year. 2016 has seen the site go from strength to strength, and we’re seeing the results already.

Sarah Auerbach - Aurora London

The 2Buy1Click team created a highly professional and fully responsive website for us that supported us at all times during a period of strong growth.
Their technicians delivered strategic marketing tools that enabled us to capitalize on customer interactions – pops ups, recommend a friend initiatives and birthday coupons.
Their tech team supported us diligently through a complicated logistics period with a great sense of humour.
Thank you 2Buy1Click!

Nayna Macintosh - Hope Fashion

Thank you for everything you have done in the last 10 days to get the new website launched, your speed and efficiency has been quite breathtaking!!!

We are all very grateful, enjoy your weekend.

LookFabulousForever Anna Cusden Photo

Free sample pop works brilliantly. Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work!!

Thanks as ever for being so on top of these issues and responding so quickly. We really appreciate everything you do. We can’t tell you how different you are to our last web developers!

Hope Fashion Amanda McGrath

Just to let you know some nice feedback – Tony called me as this has been his first contact with 2b1c to say how impressed he was with the efficient service!

Abi Elsey - Total Clothing Shop

Just wanted to say thank you, I am loving the low stock level report its exactly what I needed and works on the schools that I have managed to put low stock in for so far. THANK YOU!

Marlec Engineering Teresa Auciello

Sanya, thank you for this, we really value what you and the team are doing for us and the advice you provide.

Tom Cronin Stillness Project

I was in the middle of a global launch for an online meditation program and it appeared that our original tech team had many inadequacies that saw the release of our meditation program severely compromised.
After asking around for some recommendations we were led to Lyndon’s Team, 2Buy1Click LTD.
Once the team at 2Click1Buy took over, the process became smooth and efficient. In effect they saved the day!
And now I highly recommend Lyndon and his team for all your tech development and support as they are incredibly efficient, reliable, professional and a great bunch of people to work with.
I can’t recommend them enough.

Dr Alan Weinstein - Healthnewspodcast

Aleksandar is a God send and I appreciate everything and everybody, you too.

Dr. Alan Weinstein, CEO, @ Health News Podcast
Phil Evans - Enable Finance

This is my 3rd website that 2buy1click have build for me. I love working with them and their knowledge is incredible. They automated my lead generation using Infusionsoft and are masters creating infusionsoft campaigns.

I would recommend them (and often do) to any business serious about making their website generate business.

Karen Leonard - Newguru model

I appreciate your kind words Aleksandra and have to say that the feeling is mutual. You and your teammates are awesome to work with. You are very professional and competent. Compared to some technical support teams I’ve worked with in the past 9 years there is no comparison. Only one of our earlier web techs ranked as high.

I’ve worked with Lyndon in the past and can only speak highly of him with every meeting we’ve ever had so I guess that is how he gathered such a good team.

Karen Leonard, Sales Manager, @ New Guru Model
Nino Pucacco - iLocker

Many thanks to you and your team for doing such a great job in such a very short space of time, it is much appreciated.

Rocky Biasi - Humanconnections

It’s so wonderful for me you are looking after this Slavica! I can’t tell you how good it is to have peace of mind it’s done right.

Lyndon and Sanya and all the team at 2buy1click are world class! I’ve been working with them now for 3 years and it’s because of their expertise that I’ve been able to create and launch online courses that has added a strong revenue source to our business. I know I can count on them to handle any of my issues online, from my website to my Infusionsoft app to strategic advise these guys cover all bases! Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dr Nic Lukas - Lucas Professional Services

I’ve been with 2buy1click for years now. And I rate them so highly that I now use them exclusively for all my work and my clients work. Recently, with the massive increase in malware and security hacks on the web, they’ve been protecting all the sites of ours that they manage so that I don’t have to worry about getting hacked. They’re proactive and responsive and stay on top of every security issue that crops up. These guys are like security guards, waiting for a problem to happen. They’re more like the secret service.

Dr Nic Lucas, CEO, @ Lucas Professional Services
Akhtar Khan - AkhtarKhanCoaching

I’m dancing around like I’ve taken ecstasy! So happy that things are getting done so quick!
Thank you

Akhtar Khan, CEO, @ AkhtarKhanCoaching.com
Joshua Burnell - Director of Digital Strategy

I just wanted to reach out to you guys and say thanks again for everything this year. I don’t know what I would of done without you guys. The launch went great and our servers here are finally where they should be.

This seems to be working great! You are awesome!

Lyndon, you and your team have really saved us. THANK YOU! Tell them all how much we have appreciated their patience and hard work, we really couldn’t of done any of this without them. And they all did a stellar job!

Joshua Burnell, Director of Digital Strategy , @ Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
Jeremy Navrady - Kaymed UK

Lyndon has consistently delivered projects on time and on budget. His knowledge of e-commerce is second to none and his advice is honest, reliable and gives great results

Tcat Houser - AttraMedia LLC

A double joy. 1st is his sheer smarts. 2nd is his charming way of reducing choices to simple steps, with laughter. Gets new concepts very quickly, and builds into fast-paced win-win.
A complete delight.

Tcat Houser, Data Acquisition Consultant, @ AttraMedia LLC
Jet Xavier - MyRealEstateMastermind.com

I just wanted to say at this point after looking through these emails i was cc on and what has been done by all that I am one very excited Jet.
Man yu guys rock what an effort.
More importantly from a lunch at Manly many months ago Nic and Chris to what you guys have done is to this point is awesome.
Chris, Nic, Lyndon and the team well done!
Lets bring this home world class.
Real estate agents around the world will be using this soon so keep stepping up guys you are all legends.
Very proud right now!

Jet Xavier, Managing Director , @ MyRealEstateMastermind.com
Aleksandar Urosevic - 2buy1click Ltd

I’m proud to work with great team called 2buy1click Ltd. Professionals in Internet Marketing and Web Developing, team is capable to fast react on all requests by various customers.

Masha Sauer - 2buy1click Ltd

This is the place where you are really awarded for your work and where you can constantly improve and expand your skill set. I really enjoy working at 2b1c.

Lyndon and Sanja are truly wonderful and extremely supportive. I became a mother twice during this period of working at 2b1c, and they’ve always been patient with me and full of understanding, and still are.

Thank you guys so much!

Slavica Nesic - 2buy1click Ltd

Professional development takes three main forms: learning, connecting and creating. In short that is what working for 2buy1click is like.

Accelerating technology challenges and increasing market demands we face daily make us absorb new things and learn from the things we do. Connecting with colleagues is essential part of our professional achievements as the way a team works as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of rock stars, but if they don’t play together then you don’t have much. 2buy1click team is finest example of creativity, innovation, expertise and good spirit at one place.

Thank you all for being you !!!

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