Hackerthon in Zlatibor

2012 2buy1click Hackerthon in Zlatibor Serbia
2012 2buy1click Hackerthon in Zlatibor Serbia

10 of the 2buy1click development team had 5 days in the mountain resort of Zlatibor in Serbia. Over 4 days they tackled a number of incredible challenging problems that has resulted in new products and services that will provide significant benefits to our customers.

A Big Thank You To The Team

Viktor, Slavica, Aleksandar, Masha, Boskovic, Aleksandar, Julija, Dusan, Lyndon,  Aleksandra.

Remote support from Vukasin, Tatjana, Danijel and Zarko

Hackerthon Achievements

Magneto Google Speed Test Rating of AAAAAX

Dusan and Viktor achieved the impossible  They created a server and Magento configuration that achieved Google Speed Test Rating of AAAAAX. This is outstanding and could well be the fastest Magento solution in the world.

Magento Achieving a Google Speed Test AAAAAX Rating
Magento Achieving a Google Speed Test AAAAAX Rating

Creating Of The New 2buy1click Ltd Brand

The time has come for a rework of the 2buy1click brand logo and website. The team developed the new logo and website design. Our target customers are now clearly defined and the new site is designed to appeal to them and generate sales leads and enquires.

Project Management

The team has worked hard on stepping up with two members, Slavica and Boskovic,  now assigned project manager roles on both Magento and WordPress developments.  They are both excited about their new roles and we expect to see projects being completed faster and to an even higher quality.

Quality Control

Graphics design speed and consistency has been identified and something that we need to improve on. We also needed to get better at project compilation and hand over. Julija has taken on this challenge, along with Vukasin and has already made a leap in graphics quality and developed new handover processes.

Magento Import

Importing data in to Magento has been one of the biggest issues we have experienced on our past projects. At the Hackerton two of the team members were set the challenge of working out a simple fast reliable way to import simple products, configurable products and product attributes into Magento. They succeeded by carrying out all data conversions in excel and breaking down each product import in to a number of smaller imports.  Well done Aleksandar Todic!

Knowledge Transfer Between Slicers on Headway Theme

Masha led a workshop on how to develop our websites on WordPress Headway Theme sharing the best tips, tricks, tools and working practices with our core WordPress team Slavica Nesic, Boskovic Bosko, Aleksandar Urosevic, Julija Ljubinovic, Aleksandra Ristic. This will lead to more consistency and faster site builds with yet another quality improvement.

Aptana, BeanStalk, Active Collab Development Environment Knowledge Transfer

Aptana Development Environment
Aptana Development Environment

Viktor took our hard core PHP developers through the progress we have made in the development, management and testing  of PHP software that form the backbone of just about all our projects. Lots of excitement from the Aleksandar Todic, Masha Sauer, Boskovic Bosko, Aleksandar Urosevic on the enhanced tools for developments.

Big Thank You

A big thanks to Aleksandra Ristic who recruited such an amazing team and arranged all the details along with Viktor, to make the Hackerthon a reality and outstanding success.