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Take control of your Magento store performance with Tideways

Anyone who’s ever started an eCommerce store from scratch will tell you it’s no easy venture. They’ll also tell you that there’s a lot of technical knowledge required to build, develop, and manage the store.

But there are some excellent eCommerce platforms that can help you in that endeavor and most eCommerce professionals agree that the best choice for any level of enterprise is Magento.

This robust eCommerce platform will fulfill virtually every need of your online shop. However, in order to maintain your Magento store properly, especially if you want to avoid unexpected (and costly) downtime and various UX issues, you need a tool that will help you monitor not only the application itself but the services upon which it depends as well. And that’s precisely where 2buy1click and Tideways can step in to help.

About Tideways

Tideways is an all-in-one tool for profiling, monitoring, and tracking exceptions in PHP-run applications, Magento included. Advertised as a “mission control center for PHP application performance,” Tideways provides you with in-depth insights, identifies bottlenecks, and detects any sort of application errors in real-time.

Experiencing your store from the customer’s perspective is essential. It’s the only way to see what works and what doesn’t at your store. However, it can be time-consuming and sometimes even impossible for an admin to achieve this. But with Tideways, you can actually get this sort of insight by locating broken code, slow load times, broken pages, and page error notifications, all within a single, intuitive interface.

Main Tideways Features

Tideways is feature-rich software that acts as a comprehensive toolbox for troubleshooting your Magento platform. Its main operations include monitoring and alerting, profiling, and tracking of errors and exceptions.

Monitoring and Alerting

Thanks to detailed performance insights, Tideways shows you where you have room for improving the user experience. The monitoring section of the interface offers a broad overview of your entire Magento application. Here, you can learn about the following, and more:

  • Spikes and their duration
  • Max memory usage
  • Average response rates
  • Total number of requests

You get to measure all these things on a minute-by-minute basis, basically in real-time. Insights are provided on the application level, service level, and individual transaction level, meaning you have all your corners covered. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports (all fully customizable) allow you to compare your insights with historical performance.

All alerts and notifications will click perfectly with your workflow and the tool integrates with a number of productivity and workflow services such as Slack, IRC, HipChat, and email services.


With Magento profiling, Tideways provides continuous analysis of your application’s performance, not only highlighting areas with inadequate performance but also fixing them right then and there. You gain full insight into your code with traces that are collected in real-time. With this feature, you can find out the following:

  • How long a specific SQL or HTML database query took
  • How many times each method was called
  • The path that a request took from the first to the last function
  • The average (as well as maximum) execution time for each method

Tideways supports two profiler types: the Timeline/Tracing and the Callgraph profilers.

Magento Profiling Tideways Caligraph Profiler
Magento Profiling Tideways Timeline Profiler

Moreover, being PHP-oriented and developed by people with deep knowledge and extensive experience in PHP, Tideways supports a number of frameworks, libraries, and systems.

Error and Exception Tracking

Should you opt for a Tideways integration with your Magento application, you can not only be notified of issues and proposed fixes for new or previously unidentified fatal errors or exceptions that went under the radar you can also locate them before they interrupt your customer experience.

Exception tracking is particularly important as it allows for a quick and proactive response. The detection occurs automatically and does not require any alterations of the database.

As for the errors, the tool reports them with full details, classifies them, and aggregates them automatically, so that you don’t get the same occurrences of the same error more than once.

With 2buy1click as a certified Tideways partner, we can provide you with a seamless integration that allows you to spend your time focused on growing your brand and increasing your revenue instead of trying to locate and fixing errors all day.

With Magento profiling, Tideways does all the work for you via a singular, feature-rich tool with a one, easy-to-understand interface.

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