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Synchronize, in real-time, all your channels inventory and dispatch your every Amazon, eBay and Walmart order directly from the Magento system.


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Complete Magento integration, providing a single source of truth for all markets

Websites such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart are hands down the biggest online marketplaces in the world right now. For Magento store owners, being able to manage orders from these channels directly from their Magento backend has always been nothing more than a dream, until now.

With a Magento M2E Pro integration, you can manage all your eBay, Amazon, and Walmart orders from your Magento backend interface, no additional tools needed. All data is stored in Magento, and in Magento alone, meaning no clouds or off-site storage. This means that Magento merchants remain the sole owners of the data.

2buy1click is a certified M2E partner and can help you dispatch all your eBay, Amazon, and Walmart orders directly from your Magento platform.

What Makes M2E Pro the Right Solution for Magento Shops?

As we already mentioned, the key benefit of a Magento M2E Pro integration lies in the inherited ability to dispatch and manage multichannel orders from a single place, your own Magento backend. But M2E Pro is a feature-rich solution that can improve your eCommerce experience across all areas.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Comprehensive inventory control. Shops with a limited number of products often suffer from overselling or understocking. With M2E Pro, that’s no longer an issue. The moment your product gets sold in one location, the listing is automatically pulled from all other locations and then reactivated globally the moment the product is restocked.
  • Centralized data management. Since all data is stored in Magento, merchants gain full control over what gets displayed and where it’s displayed. Whatever changes you make in your Magento backend will automatically reflect across all your sales channels.
  • Different pricing strategies. You no longer have to apply the same prices across all your points of sale. You can set one price for eBay and a different one for Amazon if you want, for example. Set the relevant rules in your Magento backend and you’re good to go.
  • Unlimited accounts and stores. With a Magento M2E Pro integration, you can connect all your marketplace accounts and stores into a single data set.
  • Full scalability and customization. M2E Pro can be configured to fit every merchant’s needs, regardless of size of store type.
  • Advanced automation. For Magento merchants who feel as if their SKU management is getting out of control or their stock is moving too quickly to follow, M2E Pro offers mechanisms that allow them to automate their processes, save valuable time, and avoid mistakes.
  • Order management. Managing orders across multiple channels can be tricky. However, with M2E Pro, for every order on Amazon or eBay, you get the same exact order created in your Magento backend, which is treated as a native (or regular) Magento order. Any changes made to a Magento order will automatically reflect in the original order on, for example, Amazon, which will allow merchants to manage all orders without ever having to leave their Magento admin interface.
  • International orders. M2E Pro helps with international site visibility, which in turn enables merchants to post listings on international marketplaces. The tool also features built-in translation support for several languages, as well as seamless, native multi-currency support.

M2E Pro vs. Other Market Solutions

It’s always a good idea to see how a solution you’re considering integrating fares against the competition. With M2E Pro, you get the following:

  • A complete and seamless Magento integration managed from the Magento backend
  • Comprehensive rules for automation of inventory, pricing, and catalogs
  • Multi-seller account and storefront support within each marketplace
  • Consistent training for operational staff
  • Ongoing commercial viability thanks to close and active cooperation between M2E Pro, Magento Commerce, and Marketplaces.

Perhaps other market solutions of this sort offer some of these features, but none of them offer them all, not to mention that M2E Pro was built with a deep Magento integration in mind.

Magento M2EPro Integration Other Market Solutions

What Can You Get from an M2E Pro Magento Integration?

First of all, you get sole and complete ownership of all your data, not just within the platform but also from other channels (eBay, Amazon, Walmart).

You also get full freedom to manage the Magento infrastructure according to your own policy requirements.

And because M2E Pro was created with Magento in mind, you can enjoy full integration and enhancement potential throughout Magento’s rich and active ecosystem.

Finally, being Magento 2.0-ready, with M2E you get a solution that’s been tried and tested for future operations within the Magento platform.

If all this seems like something your Magento operations could benefit from, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 2buy1click – Magento professionals who can help you set up the M2E Pro integration.

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