Technical Assistance

Some customers need Technical Assistance for us to help them add, develop, or just consult of the best way to improve their website beyond the original project scope.

Once you start working on your website (This can often be even before you go live!), you will soon find that you need some help running it. An example is investigating a failed credit card transaction to determine is the credit card declined or because of customer did not enter the billing address correctly.

Technical Assistance Options

Monthly Package

With any unused time rolled over into the next month which is ideal when you need instant fixes, and you’re under time pressure as we don’t need to pre-arrange payment with you first.

Prepaid Budget

Some customers like to buy some hours up front and just use them up. Then buy another package. This budget fits customers best that have assistance requests that are not constant each month. Some months lots of requests other months no many.

What Work Will We Do Under A Technical Assistance Contract

Just about anything you request we can do under your monthly budget.

  • If you find some styling issue – We can fix that
  • If you have a customer order that does not process – We can investigate that
  • If you need us to look at an Infusionsoft, Magento or WordPress issue – We can do that
  • If you need graphics or some text – We can do that
  • If you would like us to work out how much a new feature will cost – We can do that
  • If you need some training – Phone or Remote Desktop – We can do that
  • If you need a training video – We can do that too.
  • If you need some consultation on how to develop your website – Should I do it this way or that way, what do you think? – We can advise you.

We will carry out any task you request that will take less than 1 hour. If something will take more than that we will, within monthly budget, analyse your request and give you an estimate and the quote for work needed to complete your request. We log all work in 15minutes intervals and add the work logs to a Google Sheet so you an always see your remaining budget.

How To Receive Help

You can receive help in many ways, these include:

  • Online training site
  • Phone or Skype
  • Email Support ticket to support system
  • Remote desktop – Click Green Download button and install
  • Onsite

The method you choose will depend on the kind of training and how you like to be trained.