Secure and Protect

Your website is under continuous attack. At some point, it’s going to get hacked and when it does your site will be infected with Malware. Malware will let criminals control your website to send out spam emails, use your website as part of DDoS attacks on other bigger business, or just deface it.

Read more about our family of Secure and Protect products to keep your website updated, clean of malware and fast.

Secure and Protect is our security update service.
You will receive the following benefits:

Your site will block suspicious logins
from attackers

  • This protection reduces the chance of your website being hacked with the malicious code added to your website or your content being changed.
  • Your website becomes a part of a network or secure WordPress websites, and if any one of them is under attack, it tells all the other websites in the network to block that attack. The network is made up of millions of other WordPress websites, so the protection is huge.
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Your site will
speed up

  • Latest Plugins and a spring clean tune-up will result in your website becoming faster
  • Faster websites engage your visitors for longer and rank higher in a Google search results.

Updating WordPress and Plugins
closes security holes

  • As hackers find ways into WordPress, WordPress block these holes and they release updates to the WordPress software. Old versions are easy to hack because these holes become well known. Updates to the latest WordPress will block these kinds of attacks.
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No Website Downtime
During Upgrades

  • There is practically no website downtime during upgrades (downtime could be up to 1 minute) as the majority of these updates are done in the background.

WordPress and Plugin Updates Includes

  1. Removal of any user named “admin”
    • “Admin” is the first username that a hacker tries! If they know the name they only have to guess the password
  2. Update admin passwords and force strong passwords for all admin users
    • An eight character password can now be cracked
  3. Protecting website from different hacking attacks
  1. Update all plugins to the latest version
    • Hackers look for common plugins and find ways they can access the admin of the site through them. An update will block the ways they find.
  2. Update WordPress to the latest version
    • Same as plugins as security issues come to light WordPress fix them.
  3. Fix any plugin clashes*
    • When a plugin update stops your site from working, it can be quite challenging to find the issue and fix it.

*Not Covered

  1. We do not include the update of a plugin that changes the way they work. Example OptimizePress 1.5 to 2 where the new version of the plugin works differently from the existing one. However, OptimizePress my upgrade just find from 1.5 to 2. We will flag these up to your team, and we can jointly work on this kind of update

Upgrade Process and Frequency

  • If there is a security patch available for any part of the system, we will instantly update all websites within the Secure and Protect maintenance plan. We are subscribed to different security services and will be aware of any issue affecting our customers as soon as new information is available
  • Other non-critical upgrades will be applied as and when scheduled – from 6-12 times a year depending on the website functionality and complexity
    • some plugins and WordPress upgrades can actually break websites, and it is not wise to update plugins all the time
    • we are very careful with upgrades and trying to minimise any website issues, so we do upgrades on our test platforms first and only then across customer websites
    • new versions of WordPress have different features and if upgraded too early, some of the plugins will not work with the newest WordPress so there is more chance to cause the damage with the rush for new upgrades, than any benefits

Server Security

Our servers security is very high and complies with Level 1 PCI (Which is banking certification for taking credit cards on websites). However, the server security can’t protect against out of date software, and very weak passwords.

Note: Unlike most hosting providers, we provide daily backups using the market leading R1 backup system as a part of your hosting, and this is why we can recover your sites.  Recovery of a damages website from backup is the most secure way of recovering from malicious damage.

Dr Nic Lucas, CEO, @ Lucas Professional Services
I’ve been with 2buy1click for years now. And I rate them so highly that I now use them exclusively for all my work and my clients work. Recently, with the massive increase in malware and security hacks on the web, they’ve been protecting all the sites of ours that they manage so that I don’t have to worry about getting hacked. They’re proactive and responsive and stay on top of every security issue that crops up. These guys are like security guards, waiting for a problem to happen. They’re more like the secret service.
Dr Nic Lucas @ Lucas Professional Services