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Social Optimise

Social Media Pain

We have a customer named Carol, who was spending her time posting out photos of her happy customers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It’s taking her lots of time. The time she can’t afford but she does it because it builds a list of prospects and those are turning into Customers.

We listened to how Carol was doing this and realised that the key is she is writing fantastic content – stories, case studies and giving the update on new the product releases that her followers are looking forward to receiving.

She enjoys writing this type of content and it’s pretty quick. The thing that was taking all of her time was the copying and the pasting of everything into Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

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Social Optimise - Future Proof

The Future-Proof Solution

One thing we all know is that a good content, whether that be a video, text, photos, or music, gets read, watched and passed on. Google, ever since it’s inception, has said that its goal was to rank the best quality web pages according to its quality. This is so that Googles users can always expect to find the best of the best first in Google (and not on the other search engines).

The best films break the box office records, the best books become bestsellers. So why on the internet is just about everyone putting out junk content?

When we talk to our customers, we realise that they are either great at writing outstanding content or they are good at promoting the junk content, or they are just bad at both.

Social Optimiser – Automating Distribution

Social Optimise - examples

How We Fixed Poor Content

Poor content is easy to fix. 15 minutes chat with any of our customers and over a coffee they will tell us stories, benefits or mind blowing reasons why their product or a service is better than any other. All we have to do is to write that down and we’ll have this super high-quality copy to create a fantastic piece of content for their website – one that their prospects and customers want to read, the one that will get forwarded on and the one that is worth of Google’s 1st place search badge!

It turns out that there were a few “templates” almost fill in the blanks to creating awesome content. Two examples that work extremely well for the business are the case study article and the new product benefits article.

We will help you start writing 500-word content as fast as you can type. All of it super high quality.

Social Media - how we fixed poor content

Social Optimiser – Automating Distribution

So now all we need to do it remove the task of you having to distribute that content on all of the different social media sites, email and even posting letters. Well we have done that. The moment you click the Publish button on your website your awesome article appears on your website, a title, link, image and excerpt of that article are published on all the social media sites and even sent to your current email list.

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There’s more!

Now you have freed up all that wasted manual labor distributing your content, you can invest just a little bit of that time in making your articles the best there are. Here is the best news of all. You don’t need to create 1000’s of news stories, not even 100’s we recommend about 12 per year. Just one per month. In fact you could write them all in the first month for the whole year if you really wanted. Just like a great author just release a few brilliant works so are you.

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Increase the Ranking

Because you’re creating great content it can be sent to the social media networks over and over again. The chances of the same person seeing one of your great articles twice is pretty slim. And if they did see it again, it will be so good they will probably read it again. So you may only write 12 articles a year, but it will be promoted again and again every few days. This is called creating an evergreen marketing campaign that build all by it’s self.

So Lets See Social Optimiser in Action

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