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Lead capture pop-up is the easy and fast way to do it.
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Lead Capture Popup

Are you frustrated that only a small number of your visitor’s signup to your email newsletter? I’ve been there. There’s nothing more disappointing than having 70%+ of your first-time website visitors bouncing without joining your newsletter. You end up feeling frustrated that all this interested, targeted traffic is just not growing your email list.

Even though you have a popup lead capture form, it’s just not working. What you need is not just a popup, but a complete lead capture system. Where every step from a visit, popup, offer, benefit and email capture form have to all be aligned to grow your list.
The big problem with other systems is that they are just a popup with a very poor message. They may as well say “Join my spam list” So it’s my pleasure to present our Magento Lead Capture System that works for all our existing Magento customers.

My company 2buy1click has been incorporating our Magento Lead Capture System for the past five years and each time it has significantly outperformed what was there before.

It’s about fixing the message, the offer, the technology to track every popup, lead and the first-time sale. Without exception, every Magento website we work on is self-funded from the extra sales we generate our customers just through first-time visitors Lead Capture System!

Now what makes this service different to any other Magento popups, out there, is that we pay attention to every single detail from the time the popup happens to not showing the popup to visitors who are already on your mailing list just to mention a few.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at what’s Covered by
our Lead Capture System:

  • We use a Signup Button, using the psychology of micro commitments generate more signups.
  • The timing of our popups happens at the right moment to turn your visitors into subscribers.
  • We give a genuine offer that new visitors are keen to collect

Free sample popup works brilliantly.
Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work!!

Now you may be Wondering How Much
Lead Capture System is going to be?

It’s not the cost or our lead capture system; it’s the potential additional sales it brings. For example, some of our existing customers have generated £43,000+ per year in sales from just the popup. That is not even taking into account repeat orders.

And it’s because of existing popups performed so badly that I created the Magento lead capture system, to make it easy for fashion brands like you and me to get growth in their emails list. At the end of the day, the most valuable part of your business is your prospects and existing customers. Your emails list is that valuable list!

Shopping Image

Depending on your Magento website setup. Our lead capture system starts from as little as £1,400.
So if you want to grow your email list, just click the “Book A Call” Link to book a call with Lyndon CEO 2buy1click to see how our Lead Capture System can significantly grow your email list. I can’t guarantee it will add £43,000 to your business in a year. However, I can be pretty sure it’s more than going to pay for itself (Or I won’t offer it to you)

You don’t have to struggle with signing up new prospects to your email list any longer. Within just a few days, you could be watching your email list grow faster than it’s ever done before as well as increasing your first-time visitor’s sales. Think about what would your sales be like if your email list was double? What would you do with that extra income?

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