Continual SEO Content and Brand Enhancement

Increase sales through additional traffic via SEO, improved conversion and content quality.


Increase traffic, Preserve Brand Quality

  • SEO – Increase your google ranking for more free traffic more sales
  • Quality – Improve your site content quality
  • Brand Perception – Maintain or enhance your branding consistency
  • QA – Quality control all updates made by parties working on your website (your team, marketing agencies, developers) and fixing them continually
  • Saves you time – We continually fix it
  • Positive ROI – All fixes have a cumulative effect over time to generate new sales

We will work down our checklist of over 40 item and fix them.

Over the months your website will continually be improved with fewer issues, including fixing new ones.

No one else offers such a valuable service an such an unbelievably low price.

Continual SEO Content and Brand Enhancement Plans







Pay Per month. No contract necessary! + + +
Monthly Web Audit Tool Run + + +
Monthly Analysis (hours) + + +
Monthly Hours Fix as many issues as we can in your agreed plan 2 4 6
Fix SEO System sitemap, robots.txt + + +
Fix Metadata Title, Description + + +
Fix 404 + + +
Fix / Add Image Alt Text + +
Fix Images size optimisation* + +
Fix Images correct format png, gif, jpg* + +
Fix Missing / Broken / Blurred Images* +
Monthly Status Report + + +

* Image optimisation work required more time so is only offered on Enterprise package


This low cost service will payback over and over again through additional traffic creating more sales, better user experience increasing conversion and maintaining your website to the high quality demands of your brand.

Another advantage is any content quality issues that are introduced by accident are found and fixed. So often, we see website that have blurry product images, text broken over 2 lines or other issues. In the past we would report to customers, but they would still not get resolved. Everyone is just too busy. Now we take that burden off your hands.

Another significant advantage is that each issue found requires a different technical skill to fix. For example a missing page title. You may think it’s only text, but what is the best keywords to put in that text? After the text has been added is that unique on your website? Or a broken link. What do we do about that? Is the link added incorrectly, what is the correct link? If the website where the link pointed to has gone, what is the best link to update it to now? Redirection issue, does the Backend team or server team need to address this.

So when you think that all these “clean up issue” will just be sorted, fast efficiently, calling on 7 different technical specialists and all without you being involved. You just receive the ongoing benefits of your brand being maintained to its best and additional traffic to generate new sales.

What will we do each month?

This is a list of many of the items we will check and fix. The list is long and will be continually added to as we find more items that must be checked.

Run SEO Website Audit report

  • Indexing and crawlability
    • Resources with 4xx status code
    • Resources with 5xx status code
    • Resources restricted from indexing
    • 404 page set up correctly
    • robots.txt file
    • .xml sitemap
  • Redirects
    • Fixed www and non-www versions
    • Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions
    • Pages with 302 redirect
    • Pages with 301 redirect
    • Pages with long redirect chains
    • Pages with meta refresh
    • Pages with rel=”canonical”
  • Links
    • Broken links
    • Pages with excessive number of links
    • Dofollow external links
  • Encoding and technical factors
    • Mobile friendly
    • HTTPS pages with mixed content issues
    • Pages with multiple canonical URLs
    • Pages with Frames
    • Pages with W3C HTML errors and warnings
    • Pages with W3C CSS errors and warnings
    • Too big pages
    • URLs
      • Dynamic URLs
      • Too long URLs
    • Images
      • Broken images
      • Empty alt text
    • On-page
      • Empty title tags
      • Duplicate titles
      • Too long titles
      • Empty meta description
      • Duplicate meta descriptions
      • Too long meta description

Run SEO Keyword Rank tracker report

  • Watch for movement in your current ranking keywords
  • Action any content changes that can positively affect them.

Visual / branding review of website

  • Fix images
    • Too big
    • Wrong format
    • Missing
    • Poor quality
    • Cropped wrong
    • Misaligned
  • Identify brand quality issues
    • Brand inconsistencies
    • Font / Logo / Type case and format
  • Identify layout issues / Mobile 1st / Desktop 2nd
    • Fix or report mobile layout issues


Monthly summary report of before and after fixing which demonstrate the value of improvements we will continually make on a single page.

Continual SEO Report Report Image

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