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Total Clothing Shop have developed and amazing business model that without the advanced features of Magento would not be possible. They manufacture school branded uniforms and supply over 100+ schools and clubs each with their very one unique and branded website.

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Why Choose 2buy1click For Your Magento

2buy1click had the skills to design a robust ecommerce solution that enabled Total Clothing Shop staff to add new shops at a rate of 1 a week by themselves and manage over 144 shops with very little support from 2buy1click. The Magento 1 with it’s advanced indexing solution has run fault free from June to September, Their incredibly busy season. This even includes 3 to 4 remote EPOS terminals taking orders over a 3G/4G connection at their school pop up shops. Shops and sales continue to grow each year.

The Challenges

Unique Stores Per School

Parents only have approved clothing for their child’s school to select from as each school can club has their very own branded online shop.

Over 144 Stores on 1 Magento

A single Magento website with a separate store for each school and club allows all orders and products to be efficiently managed, manufactured and updated. Each store only has about 200 products however the overall website has over 75,000 products.

Super Fast Product Indexing

Without Super fast product indexing, the Total Clothing Team would be waiting for hours for all 75,000+ product to update every time they add a new product. The super fast indexer reduces this wait to less than a second.

Pop Up Shop EPOS

Parents benefit for fast payment of products at their school as a result of multiple POS iPad terminals working at once. Total Clothing benefits for all orders been stored, processed centrally even though they are taking orders remotely over 3G/4G allowing items that are not available in the pop up shop to also be ordered for delivery later.

Total Clothing Shop Magento Case Study

The Results

Total Clothing Shop success facts


over 144 stores on 1 Magento!


website has over 75,000 products


taking orders from mobile popup shops at schools

Total Clothing Shop Magento Storefront Preview

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to Total Clothing Shop’s growing success

  • Unique stores per School
  • Over 144 stores
  • Super Fast Indexing
  • Reduced Costs
  • Pop Up Shop EPOS
Abi Elsey, Operations Director,  @ Total Clothing Shop

Our online business has more than doubled with their help. The engagement has existed for almost a decade and doubled online sales over that time.

Their communication and project management was excellent. They have also developed a stock system that three years ago didn’t even seem possible and now allows us to control and report on our stock at the touch of a button. 2buy1click always know before us if there is a problem and are already working on solving it.

Abi Elsey Operations Director @ Total Clothing Shop

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