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The Sewing Studio was looking for a new Magento agency to take over the development from the previous unresponsive agency and wanted to focus on improving the reliability, security and customer journey.

The Sewing Studio - Case Study

Improving Performance, Speed and Reliability

2buy1click took over development of existing “The SewingStudio” and “Moda Fabric” Magento 2 websites and assisted in resolving the issues with 3rd party modules and services, stabilizing the websites and helped progress customer journey throughout.

The Team worked closely with clients “in house” team to brainstorm, bring ideas and solutions that helped further improve and enhance the stores, while at the same time lots of humour was shared on both sides. The websites are now stable, fast, reliable, mobile and UX friendly.

The Challenges

Design Improvements

The website look was adjusted to include further theme development with Product page template update, CMS page builder enhancements as well as work on search improvements. A new Mobile menu update improved the UX and SEO frendly look contributing to increased conversion.

First Visitor Lead Capture

A first-time visitor Lead Capture popup solution was added resulting in their email list growing by 51% over 3 month period which accelerated their online sales.

Streamlined Operations and Revenue

Updates were made to the website talking care not to interrupt sales as we resolving checkout issues, with work on updating Stripe and Shopping Cart VAT Calculation. This also streamlined operations with the implementation of additions like Hitachi Finance Module.

Server Audit and Optimisation

We performed a Server audit and carried out intensive work on optimising the server, cache and Magento speed, resulting in better performance and  increased conversion and sales.

Stability and Performance

Regular SEO audits are performed to maintain and boost online rankings and traffic, with updates and work on improving targeted keyword ranking. General Maintenance and regular Security Patches and updates are applied to keep the websites stable.

The Sewing Studio - Upgrade

The Results

TheSewingStudio success facts

The initial work we have done secured the websites with increased conversion rate, increase in traffic and overall performace and stability improvements


increase in the list growth


sales incl. wholesale generated using pop up


project delivered on time and within budget

The Sewing Studio - Key Features

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to Sewing Studio’s success

  • Design Improvements
  • Lead Capture Popup
  • Streamlined Revenue
  • Server Optimisation
  • Stability and Performace
  • Fixed checkout reliability
Darius Navai, Director,  @ The Sewing Studio Ltd

With the help of 2buy1click, we achieved the goal to double our turnover in profitability and gross sales and to reduce our page load time. Their team is very efficient and we communicate through a bespoke piece of project management software made by 2buy1click Ltd.

The ability of their PHP programmers also stands out and I can’t think of any areas that need improving. If you’re worried about changing developers, give their team a try allowing to prove for themselves how good they really are.

Darius Navai Director @ The Sewing Studio Ltd

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