The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed conversion rate was increased through the implementation of a simplified paint colour selector and the addition of click-and-collect to make it easy for their clients to buy confidently and effortlessly.

Improving E-commerce Tracking, Error Capturing, Click and Collect, and Conversion for The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed, an online store that uses Magento as its e-commerce platform, faced challenges with Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, website errors, click and collect, and conversion.

They approached our company for solutions to improve their online sales performance.

The Challenges

E-commerce Tracking

  • Problem: Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking was not tracking all orders. Improve Analytics and tracking
  • Solutions: We installed Direct Server to Server e-commerce tracking using the Web cooking module to fix this issue.
  • Result: The client can rely on the Google Analytics E-commerce figures when analysing their sales performance

Captioning Javascript errors

  • Problem: Losing sales due to website errors.
    • They had many broken products on the site, and usually, the first they heard about them was when customers would get in touch
    • Issues with payments, checkout etc, but they relied on a customer letting us know.
  • Solution: Capturing on-site errors in Google Analytics
  • Results: Issues identified can now be corrected when they occur without waiting for customers to report issues.

Click and Collect

  • Problem: Click & Collect on PDP – the client wanted to improve the current solution to make it more customer-friendly, and designed better.
  • Solution: The solution they used didn’t make it obvious for customers that they needed to select product options to see availability. So this was addressed in the new redesign of Click and Collect.
  • Result: More click and collect orders placed, less customer support needed.

Enhance Conversion

  • Problem: The site was not promoting related products.
  • Solution: We added Promo banners specific to certain products, categories, and checkout pages.
  • Result: Improved per order value as a result of the upsell.

Improved Product Colour Selector

  • Problem: Current colour selector was not intuitive to use.
  • Solution: Redesigned colour selector to make it easy for customers to find the real colours they were looking for.
  • Result: The new solution was easier and faster to use improving user experience in finding their required colour.

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to the The Paint Shed growing success

  • Click and Collect
  • Integration with PDP courriers
  • Conversion Enhancements promo banners
  • Advanced Paint Colour Selector
  • Error capture and reporting of client actions
  • E-commerce tracking enhancements

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