Addressing critical issues in Swiftune’s Magento website led to increased email signups, improved SEO, and streamlined navigation, laying the groundwork for further improvements and user engagement.

Reducing Abandoned Carts and Increasing both User and Staff Experience

Swiftune has been the leading classic Mini A Series race engine builder since 1965. Proud to build race-winning engines for the many competition cars powered by A Series Engines, Swiftune aims to produce race-winning performance and superb reliability for the A-Series Engines.

The website had a number of issues causing the staff processing online orders to have many customer service issues and interactions. These were related to payments, shipping rates and lots of copy-pasting of order information. These were all sorted in the first week enabling Swiftune to finally start to develop new features to support their online growth.

The Challenges

Shipping Calculated Wrong

The shipping would be calculated way too high, causing the customer to abandon the basket or have to call up customer support to have the shipping cost corrected. This was affecting customer satisfaction and taking up a lot of support time.

We fixed the shipping calculations making them reliable to show the correct shipping costs.

This reduced the number of abandoned carts leading to higher sales. Improved user experience and customer satisfaction. Reduced customer support inquiries.

Migrate WordPress to Magento

SwifTune was using WordPress as a blog for news articles on their Magento installation. This posed a security risk because WordPress provides an easy entry point for hackers to access the server and then infiltrate Magento. The Marketing team wasted a lot of time having to log into WordPress for news creation and Magento for product entry and order processing.

We replaced WordPress with The Blog Extension for Magento, enabling the Marketing team to log into only one system and manage both news and products in a simple and efficient way through a consistent user interface.

As a result, the security weaknesses of WordPress have been eliminated. The Marketing team’s efficiency significantly increased.

Newsletter Sign Up

Swiftune has many repeat customers. However, they did not have a consistent way of capturing their prospects and clients’ email addresses.

The online email signup form was made more prominent, and the process of transferring the email address to their email system was simplified.

The result was a significant growth of the mailing list due to an easier and more efficient sign-up process.

SEO improvements: – robots.txt and XML Sitemap

An SEO audit of Swiftune’s current website identified issues with the robots.txt file and XML Sitemap not being refreshed with new products and pages.

The SEO issues were cleaned up, and sitemaps were correctly regenerated as new pages and products were added.

Improved positioning on Google as google can now index the websites website fully and see pages as well as being restricted from indexing the “Magento system” improving the SEO structure of the website.

Sticky Website Header

The header of the website moved off the top of the browser as customers scrolled down the pages. So when they added products to the basket, they had to scroll to the top of the page in order to go to the checkout, which signficantly affected the user experience.

We added a sticky header so that the main menu and mini basket are visible at all times.

The result is easier navigation and checkout for customers, which will inevitably lead to improved conversion as well.

The Results

Swiftune success facts


reduction in processing order time


SEO issues fixed, improving Google search ranking


security issues addressed

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to the SwiftTune’s growing success

  • Replaced WordPress Blog with Magento Blog
  • Fixed onsite SEO Code
  • Added Sticky Header
  • Fixed Shipping Prices
  • Fixed Invoice printing
  • Upgraded to Latest Magento

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