STV were looking to create a Trade only site. It’s two goals were to allow existing trade clients to buy online and easy way for new trade prospects to register for a trade account.

New Trade Lead Generation

Over the past 25 years STV has grown to become the UK’s leading producer of easy-to-use, innovative pest control solutions for home-use.

STV’s original Magento store catered for both trade and consumer customers. The site was not optimal for either. So the goal was to create a new Magento store optimised for trade and run a separate consumer Magento store targeted at consumers.

The Challenges

Page Builder

The marketing team needed an easy way to update the page content directly to support their trade marketing campaigns. So a page builder was added providing all the tools to create on brand pages quickly and efficiently.

Upgraded Trade-Focused Menu

The consumer menu was replaced with a fully trade focused one giving trade customers instant access to the information they most require within 1 click.

Multi Group Complex Price System

Trade customers have a huge range of product pricing options based on their location, size of order and quantity or combination of product purchased and all of this needed to be updated from their external ERP system

Product Page Icon Labels

Product Icons added to product images to entice trade customers to select best offers, new products and sale items.

Complex Wholesale Checkout

The checkout was redesigned to be optimal for wholesale customers to reduce the complexity involved in selecting the many wholesale specific options

Automatic Product Spreadsheet Attached to Order Confirmation Emails

Something unique to wholesale is that customers require their order in a spreadsheet format for their own uses. The ordered products spreadsheet was automatically generated and attached to the Order confirmation emails.

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to the STV growing success

  • Wholesale Specific Checkout
  • Complex Pricing and ERP sync
  • Page Builder to speed up offer creation
  • Product Icons highlight best offers
  • Trade-Focused Menu
  • Product Spreadsheet attached to Order confirmation emails
Jessica Juby, Digital Marketing Coordinator,  @ STV International Ltd

2B1C had to take over a web project mid-development, facing another company’s work, and seamlessly understand where the website was already at and what was needed to get it finished. They picked up the Magento site, checking the add-ons and available versions, getting the core platform to where it needed to be to still be up-to-date.

They helped us understand the minimum product that was deliverable to get us past the line and then continued to work with us to build on the platform after launch, building up to develop the basket functionality and checkout process.

Jessica Juby Digital Marketing Coordinator @ STV International Ltd

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