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RS Textiles

100’s of % growth in online fabric sales has been achieved in less than a year through a combination of fixing systematic issues in the 6 inherited websites and then expanding the features to support frictionless B2B and B2C sales. Our client could not be happier with the results.

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Improving B2B Sales Efficiency, Growing Online Sales

The client was looking to serve more of their B2B customers faster and more efficiently through their ecommerce website rather than over the phone. The overall goal was to make their 6 current B2B and B2C websites reliable, fast and intuitive to use.

The unique advances were made through custom development to offer matching threads for every fabric, improving product pricing calculations to include correct sample pricing, conditional shipping rates for samples, and sample label printing.

The list of additional features also included simplifying the customer registration and login process, implementing gift cards on all 6 of their websites, SEO improvements and Blog implementation.

Finally we added integration with Mailchimp so email marketing and abandon cart can be utilised to generate additional sales.

Here are the 6 Magneto websites we worked on:

  • B2B: Mcelroy Fabrics, RS Textiles
  • B2C: Lady McElroy, Sherwoods Fabrics, Sharmas Fabrics, i4Trend

The Challenges

UX Improvements

  • Customer registration process fixed
  • Simplified payment process and reliability by switching to Stripe
  • Fixed Feedback form on order success page

Increased Conversion and Boosted Sales

  • Simplified the buying process by removing extra steps on the B2B ordering process.
  • Fixed many usability issues resulting in increased sales on the B2C website.

Lead Capture and List Growth

  • There was no email popup lead capture. This was added with an integration to Mailchimp including welcome emails.
  • Full Mailchimp integration with entry and exit lead capture popup was completed on 6 websites resulting in GDPR compliant email list growth through 2021

Abandon Cart Emails

  • Implemented and configured their abandoned cart email sequence resulting in additional sales, resulting in £500 of additional orders on the first day.
Magento RS Textiles Preview

The Results

The client’s customers are using the revamped websites to place more orders as a result of the overall enhanced buying experience. This is demonstrated by the growth of sales which are more than 260% higher than the previous year on all 6 shops. This is a direct result of 2buy1click development work enhancing usability, speed and reliability of all 6 related Magento websites.


growth in B2C and B2B Sales in 1 year


email list growth in 6 months


abandoned cart recovered rate in 1 month

Magento RS Textiles - Case Study

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to the RS Textils’ growing success

  • UX Improvements
  • Increased Conversions
  • Boosted Sales
  • Stripe Payments
  • Lead Capture Popup
  • Abandoned Cart
Raymond Storry, Sales Director,  @ RS Textiles Ltd.

Ever since we started working with them, we’ve not looked back since. We’ve progressed month to month. We’ve gained extra sales, and the website is functioning very well. They’ve done everything on time and efficiently. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs a good website provider. Within a matter of a few weeks, they sorted all the website problems we’d had, which had been going back for years.

Raymond Storry Sales Director @ RS Textiles Ltd.

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