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LilyandLionel’s Magento website allows their loyal customers in the US and international markets to buy online directly. Their online business has grown 360% over the last 4 years utilising combination of amazing products and technology added to grow the customer list and increase average order bag value.

Lily And Lionel

Why Choose 2buy1click

2buy1click took over the website and immediately added first time visitor lead capture which instantly accelerated the growth of their email list and first-time sales. Next, we make the website fast and stable and reduce their merchant costs by integration Stripe payment system.

The Challenges

First Visitor Lead Capture

Their email list grew by 314% over the last 3 years accelerating their online sales and reducing their overall marketing costs. They use our first-time visitor Lead Capture popup solution incorporated in the new website design.

New Modern Responsive Design

Over 50% of visitors are now using tablets and mobiles the new design had to be both stunning and as easy as possible to use to increase sales from Mobile users.

Direct Integration With Warehouse

Online orders are now automatically processed and shipped without any input for LilyandLionel staff freeing them up to focus on high-value marketing and product development tasks.

Lily and Lionel Case Study

The Results

LilyandLionel success facts


increased the list growth by 314% in last 3 years


10X increase in site speed load


online business growth by 360% over 4 years

Lily And Lionel Preview

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to LilyandLionel’s growing success

  • Increased List Growth
  • Increased Conversion
  • Boosted Sales
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased site load
  • Fulfillment Automation

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