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Forever Crystal wanted to leverage all the benefits of upgrading to Magento 2 while at the same time benefit from an “uplift” of their website design. New modern, responsive website was launched with an addition of the Pop Up which generated 27% increase in their list growth.

Forever Crystal - Case Study

Automating processes, improving visuals & revenue, building up loyalty

Forever Crystal is a family operated business, selling high-quality glassware whose product range is aimed at the consumer leisure and giftware market with premium packaging.

Forever Crystal approached 2buy1click to re-platform from Magento1 to Magento 2 while at the same time boost website functionalities, improve visuals and enhance customer experiences. The result is a modern, stylish, UX friendly website ensuring end customer’s expectations are fully met.

New Modern Responsive Design

Leveraging the full potential of Magento 2 website, the website gained new look that is fully mobile responsive and UX friendly. The Megamenu addition contributes to ease of navigation with an emphasis on the visual presentation of the products.

First Visitor Lead Capture

A first-time visitor entry and exit Lead Capture popup solution was added resulting in their email list growing by 27% over 3 month period which accelerated their online sales and increased conversion while at the same time building customer loyalty with a unique offer.


One of the key aspects of the clients’ business is the presentation aspect which includes the ability of product personalization. 2buy1click developed a custom solution to fit Forever Crystals’ needs in full, where Forever Crystal specialises in last-minute engraved gifts.

Gift Wrap

Along with the presentation aspect, Forever Crystals’ business model is based on premium packaging. Another feature that accompanies personalised gifts is the Gift wrap option which allows customers to select gift wrap design of their choice including gift message.

Automated processes and Revenue

Through development work, we helped the client increase revenue and automate processes with implementations of One-step checkout, Stripe and Paypal Express integration, M2EproAmazon connection and Ship Theory automation.

Forever Crystal - Magento 2 upgrade

The Results

Forever Crystal success facts in less than three months period


increase in the list growth


Sales Generated using Pop Up


Project Delivered on Time and Within Budget

Forever Crystal - Key Features

Key Features

Some of the key factors that contributed to Forever Crystal’s success

  • Personalisation
  • Gift Wrap & Message
  • One Step Checkout
  • Lead Capture Pop Up
  • Reduced costs via Stripe
  • Mobile UX friendly

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