Our Mentors

Great success comes from surrounding yourself and working with truly amazing, inspirational people.

2buy1click has been seeking out some of the best minds to guide, advise, train, coach and hold us accountable and this has resulted in our incredible growth and success. As we develop our technical, sales, and client skills, our clients’ success also accelerates through genuine win-win partnerships.

If you would like to accelerate your business, feel free to contact our mentors directly.

David Brown

David Brown is specialised in embodying archetypes through Sovereign Leadership and The Hero’s Journey.
David is a CTI-trained Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF as well as an embodiment coach. In his work he refers back to the archetypes – they are a map and model of human behaviour and potential. David helps you learn from their wisdom.

Natalie Caraman

Natalie Caraman is a Transformational Leadership & Organizational Development Coach.
Natalie uses The Leadership Circle Profile™ to guide Business Leaders in exploring their key-behaviours and their underlying limiting assumptions so that their gifts are leveraged and their area of growth is uncovered. This empowers Leaders to step from reactive into Creative Mind (leading from within, authentic expression and effective Leadership). As a result, the clients become more resilient, more able to deal with the complexity and uncertainty, by having both great achievements and inspiring relationships.

Noomi Natan

Noomi Natan helps leaders and business owners make the people stuff easier so they can feel on top of their work.
You’ll quickly feel a momentum where your confidence increases, relationships flow easier, your blocks will disappear (or become insignificant) and you really start having the impact you desire, so you feel both happy and proud when you look in the mirror. Because work isn’t just work.

Mel Norman

Mel Norman helps companies and organisations to work more effectively and create better and more useful things.
Mel works collaboratively with bold, innovative companies and their teams to co-developing strategy, clarify their business model and streamline customer experiences to reach new customers, improve their revenue streams and reduce costs.

Iva Bele

Iva Belé helps business people, managers and entrepreneurs to find work-life balance and live the quality life.
Quality of life does not mean working 12 hours per day. It means working the job we love, having fulfilled relationships and staying healthy and happy.During 1 on 1 online training with Iva, clients determine their purpose, goals, learn how to delegate, how to prevent stress, how to take responsibility, how to be great leader… During training, they acquire the tools which make them more confident and “stress proof”.

Milos Zekovic

Milos Zekovic has a keen interest in fostering understanding, breaking communication barriers and building better work environments.
Milos has specialized in systems transformation and people development, combining system thinking, cognitive-behavioral coaching, facilitation, mindfulness and mentoring to strengthen individuals, teams and organizations.

Alan Crouch

Business Training, Direct Coaching & Consulting Online.
Fast-track LIVE business training, consulting & coaching the world over. IOEE Enterprise Training Academy. An Academic Fellow delivering real-skills training to DIPLOMA Level for Business Owners and Business Consultants.