Clutch Ranks 2buy1click as the Top UK Magento Development Agency Since 2020

We are proud to receive this award and look forward to helping niche brands achieve their goals and spread their vision

Magento Development: Key Thing Every Business Needs to Know

Transform your business with Magento e-commerce platform.

eCommerce Revenue Growth and Sales Boost through these Strategies

Staying on top of industry trends is critical for eCommerce revenue growth; today we share with you 5 quick & simple strategies for your Store’s growth

Magento Named Magic Quadrant Leader in Digital Commerce

Magento is identified as Magic Quadrant Leader in Digital Commerce, by Gartner, the world’s topmost IT analysis & consulting company

Boost Conversions and Engagement with Algolia Magento Search Integration

Build an optimized and performant search experience for your Magento store with Algolia powerful search.

Should I Re-platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Check few points to help you make a Magento 2 re-platform decision.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Why is Magento 2 Better for eCommerce

If you are still using Magneto 1 for your eCommerce store, now is the right time to migrate to Magento 2.

Introduce Personal Buying Assistance to Your Magento Store with Zoovu Integration

Turn your customers’ search experiences into successful shopping experiences

Analyze Customer Data Better with a Fresh Relevance Integration for Magento

Boost ROI, optimize revenue, and customer experience using smart data-driven technology

Magento Adyen integration: Accept Payments from Everywhere

Expand into new markets quickly and start accepting payments from the moment you integrate

Build and Maintain Successful Order Fulfilment Strategies with MW Fulfilment for Magento

Build customer loyalty and brand equity with successful order fulfilment strategy

Accelerate Your Growth with Better-Personalised Marketing Through Klaviyo for Magento

Deliver amazing experiences across email and other channels with Magento Klaviyo integration

Use Tideways for Profiling, Monitoring and Tracking Exceptions in Magento

Tideways is an all-in-one tool for profiling, monitoring, and tracking exceptions in Magento

Sell Your Products on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart with M2E Pro for Magento

Manage all your eBay, Amazon, and Walmart orders from your Magento backend interface

Deliver Personalised Omnichannel Marketing Messages Easily with dotdigital

Dotdigital is a powerful marketing automation platform that seamlessly integrates with Magento

Build Your Credibility with Feefo Reviews Integrated on Magento

Boost traffic, conversions, brand reputation and credibility with Feefo reviews Integrated on your Magento store

Build Better Payment Experiences with Magento Stripe Integration

Improve conversion, increase sales, expand internationally and reach new markets with Magento Stripe integration

Fast, Reliable and Scalable Magento Hosting from Sonassi

Magento hosting by Sonassi is an excellent choice for high scale enterprises and stores that require great reliability, immaculate speed, and perfect uptime

Increase Mobile Conversion On Your Magento With Paypal Payments

Integrating PayPal into your Magento website is a step that can increase your mobile conversions with the help of dedicated Magento specialists

2buy1click Receives Another Great Review on Clutch!

2buy1click receives another Great Review on Clutch thanks to our wonderful clients for continuing to leave stellar reviews about our services

Why Offering Gift Cards is a Great Idea for your Magento Store

Magento Gift Card represents a powerful marketing tool to help increase sales, conversion rates and build customer loyalty

Why Magento Store Should Integrate Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay integration helps create trusted, convenient experiences for consumers, increase conversions & lower cart abandonments

SEO Keyword Ranking Improvement Case Study

SEO Keyword Ranking Improvement Case Study, Significantly improved clients overall SEO performance, domain and keyword ranking

PayPal Working Capital Offering Funding for Magento Migration

Magento Migration using PayPal Working Capital ensures Magento owners continue receiving security patches & maintain PCI compliance

How Trustpilot Reviews Can Help Your Magento Business

Trustpilot reviews are an incredible motor for traffic and revenue as they help you get seen, sell more and improve your Magento business

UK Shopper Preferences Report Key Takeaways

UK Shopper Preferences Report, recently published by Magento offers invaluable insight into the habits and preferences of UK Consumers

Magento 2 Advanced Reporting Advantages

Advanced reporting tools provide essential insights into business analytics and generate reports that can help improve Magento sales

Video Marketing for Magento 2 – How to Increase Traffic and Sales

Video marketing is a unique channel that packs a lot of potentials. Let’s explore some of the ways to grow your business using video

6 Retail Technologies Revolutionizing eCommerce

To stay in the loop, we compiled the list of the most important retail technologies revolutionizing the world of eCommerce currently

Agile Leadership Course – Scrum Alliance Certified

Agile Leadership Course teaches how to build relationships with people you work successfully and improve your leadership skills

Getting Familiar with Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio is a set of tools allowing Magento developers to create Progressive Web Apps; bridge between native apps and mobile experience

8 Best Magento Stores Content Formats

Looking to improve your Magento Store traffic and retention with quality eCommerce content; start with some of our ideas

Top 9 Magento Design Web Trends to Look for in 2020

In eCommerce, the design of the store can decide its fate to a great extent as good user experiences are imperative

Top 10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Magento 2 Store

Whether you’re already on Magento 2 or getting ready, check out these sure-fire tips for boosting the performance of your store

Magento 1 End of Life and What it Means for Retailers

With Magento 1 end of life around the corner, it is time to evaluate the impact that this change will have on Magento-powered businesses

Magento Live EU 2019 – Biggest eCommerce Community event

Magento Live Europe 2019 was easily one of the biggest eCommerce events of 2019 – read more on 2buy1click team Conference impressions

Magento Live EU 2019 – Magento Community is Growing Steadily

2buy1click team took part in many prestigious conferences, one of the most important ones was Magento Live Europe 2019, held in Amsterdam

5 eCommerce Trends to Look for in 2020 and Beyond

Has the time come for eCommerce and traditional retail to merge, for the sake of mutual benefit? Trends to look for in 20202 & Beyond

The Benefits of the Magento 2 One-Step Checkout

In order to increase conversions and revenue, the checkout process needs to be streamlined and made to be as simple as possible

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Magento Developer or Agency

New to Magento or in need of a new Agency? What you should consider when deciding which Magento agency to go with

Social Commerce – Increasing Sales Through Smart SM Strategies

Gain insight into hottest new trend – Social Commerce, which integrates the social media experience with traditional eCommerce

Picking Between Readymade and Custom Magento Themes

Custom or Readymade eCommerce Magento Theme? Why custom themes are superior to readymade ones in almost all aspects?

Boosting Sales By Enabling Magento Site Search Capabilities

Magento allows you to optimize your shop for the best possible user experience where a huge part of it is the product search

Using Gift Cards to Improve Marketing and Boost eCommerce Sales

Many old-school marketing tactics that still work very well in an eCommerce environment – Gift Cards are a good example of that

6 Effective Ways for Promoting Your Store this year

In the world of eCommerce what matters is the promotion, getting the word out & grabbing your slice of the cake before someone else does

5 Hottest eCommerce Tendencies for this year

eCommerce sales are growing at an amazing rate while online shopping is experiencing a revolution. You need to keep ahead of the game

Why Image Search Is So Important to eCommerce

In eCommerce, shoppers rely more on what they see than what they read. Check our tips for optimizing the image search in your favour

10 Ways To Create Effective eCommerce Call To Action Buttons

Powerful and effective call-to-action button can convert window-shoppers into actual buyers and help turn them into customers

12 SEO Tips for Your Magento 2 E-Commerce Website

SEO features that come with your Magento version upon installation are usually not enough. Read our 12 Tips to improve your SEO

6 Proven Strategies for more Returning Customers

Getting the customers to come back for more is of utmost importance for increased sales through constant purchases and referrals

6 Magento Development Trends we Expect to See

Magento is constantly changing, introducing new features and shifting into new, more efficient and user-friendly forms and trends

How Quality Customer Reviews Can Improve eCommerce Sales

Reviews and ratings help establish eCommerce brand as trustworthy, reliable, and “real,” and can help boost revenue significantly

Avoiding SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Magento Site’s Rankings

SEO is absolutely vital for the survival of an eCommerce website. Check these common SEO mistakes with Tips on how to Avoid them

Tips for Improving Mobile User Experiences with Magento 2

Mobile UX Tips that can help Magento 2 shops run faster, with more reliability and result in better traffic and more revenue

9 Email Marketing Hacks To Improve eCommerce Conversions

Have you been wondering how you can use email to boost your sales? Improving conversion via email is actually easier than you think

Magento Version 2.3 Released – Why You Need to Upgrade

What does Magento 2.3 mean to Magento Merchants & how to leverage its new features and improved functionalities

9 Magento SEO Tips for Improving Your Google Rankings

In this article, we’re sharing nine essential SEO tips for Magento that can help you boost traffic to your online shop.

Few more Automated Email Marketing Predictions

It seems 2019 is all about email marketing and tapping into its vast potential. Here are a few more tips to help with your Marketing

Automated Email Marketing Predictions for 2019

It seems 2019 is all about email marketing and tapping into its vast potential. If you’re looking for some hot tips you’re in the right place.

2buy1click at Meet Magento UK 2019 – Communities Build People

2buy1click was very proud to attend the Meet Magento UK 2019 for the second year in a row, held at The Mermaid in London

Agile In & Beyond IT – Attending 4th Agile Serbia Conference

2buy1click is extremely proud to have attended the 4th annual Agile Serbia conference – Agile In & Beyond IT, held in Belgrade

How to Create and Send Awesome Newsletters on Magento

Magento newsletter readers have a potential of becoming active buyers with a properly set and guided newsletter campaign.

Why You Should be Using Giveaways to Boost Your Magento Store

Online shoppers that received Free Gifts are more likely to order products from the same online store after receiving it

Magento Popups – Weighing the Pros and Cons

While you may have built a successful online biz, how do you make sure that success and identity translates through your Popup?

How Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Help Your Magento Store

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is built on top of existing web technologies to enable blazing-fast page rendering and content delivery.

Magento Merchandising and Promotional Tactics for Beginners

Magento is an eCommerce platform that offers extraordinary merchandising and promotions opportunities thanks to its customization features.

Why Everyone in eCommerce is Talking About Tokenization

When it comes to eCommerce and online transactions in general, security is by far the biggest concern for all parties involved.

7 Tips for Testing and Improving Magento Store’s Mobile User Interface

Mobile internet usage has worked its way into the daily life of smartphone and tablet users, enabling consumers to access and share information on the go.

Tactics eCommerce Stores Can Use to Increase Customer Loyalty

Today’s marketing landscape involves a number of innovative, creative and often highly efficient ways to improve customer loyalty.

What It Takes to Build A Successful Fashion eCommerce Store

If you own a Fashion eCommerce Store there are things you can do for customer retention, better conversion rates and better sales.

6 SEO Tips You Should be Implementing on Magento 2

SEO is essential for any website that wants to be visible in the sea of other websites. Magento 2 comes with a plethora of SEO tools out of the box.

Improving Your Store Transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2

What useful things you can implement during migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and really take advantage of the opportunity.

Increase Sales Using Coupon Codes on Your Magento Store with our 9 Tips

The more you give, the more you receive, simply because people tend to buy more when they feel as if they’re saving money.

7 Boxes Your Magento Store Must Check In Order to Be Successful

Successful, competitive Magento store needs to be fast, easy to use, well-designed, clean and above all – Relevant.

Why Magento is the Right Choice for Your Online Fashion Store

Magento has established itself over the years as one of the top eCommerce platforms, and it is particularly suitable for the fashion industry.

Instagram or Pinterest for Promoting Fashion eCommerce Business?

Today, it is virtually impossible for a fashion eCommerce business to survive on the market without relying on social media to promote its brand.

Learning the Basics Behind Magento Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is basically a science now. There are numerous methods and tests you can apply to increase your conversion rates.

6 More Reasons Why You Should Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 – In this post, we talk about what to expect from Magento 2 and what are Magento 2 most important features

7 Magento Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks That Actually Work

Conversions are what every Magento merchant is after – it’s turning visitors into customers, and thus increasing sales and revenue.

Social Media eCommerce – Platforms that can Help Increase Sales

One challenge every store owner will face is how to increase online sales and one of the ways to do so is to use Social Media platforms.

Boost Your eCommerce Conversions with these 7 Checkout Fixes

Increasing conversions is probably the number one concern for most Magento merchants. Here are 7 Quick Checkout Fixes to Boost Your eCommerce Conversions

Explaining Social Commerce & Why It’s So Important

Social Commerce utilizes user ratings, referrals, online communities and social advertising to facilitate online shopping.

Continual SEO Content and Brand Enhancement

Increase sales through additional traffic, improved conversion & content quality with our Continual Magento SEO Content & Brand Enhancement

7 Great Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Magento Store

Social channels are becoming fundamental to building relationships with prospects and customers throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

5 Reasons Why Magento is Beating Everyone Else

Magento Commerce is the leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries.

Magento 2 Shopping Tools That Will Help Get Your Store Noticed

Grab your site visitor attention and make them stay, but not just that – you also want to make them buy things from your store.

Why User Reviews Are So Important for Your Magento Store

User reviews help build a sense of community, and are considered more credible than any advertising money can buy as they often lead to sales.

6 Quick Google Analytics Tips for Magento

If you are looking for an easy way to optimize your Magento store and improve your conversion rates, one of the proven ways is to use Google Analytics.

A Beginner’s Guide to Why SEO is Important for Magento Store Owners

SEO is the number one way to get your online store visible and make it appear in search results to rank high, preferably on the first page.

Taking a Closer Look at the New Magento Marketplace

Magento Marketplace offers merchants selection of solutions & provides qualified developers the tools, platform & location to build a thriving business.

Configuring Sitemap in Magento 2

The sitemap is a great utility and is a text file containing all the URLs of a website. It is beneficial for the bots of the search engines to crawl your site to index (index) as well as to help SEO better.

How to Use Follow-Up Emails to Increase eCommerce Sales

Follow-up emails are highly relevant to the individual recipient & have the potential to not only generate tons of revenue, but also to improve user experience.

8 Reasons Why Magento Is Still the Best eCommerce Platform

Find out why Magento has been dominating the very top of the list of eCommerce platforms for a majority of users year after year and what sets it apart .

Magento Migration – What You Need to Know about M2.2

Find out which new features, updates & functionalities Magento 2.2 brings to its users & why you should consider Magento Migration if you haven’t already.

3 More Magento Optimization Tips Every eCommerce Should Follow

Magento is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms today for growing an Online Business. Find out more tips on how to Optimize Conversion Rate.

5 Secrets of an Effective Loyalty Program You Must Know

In modern e-commerce, loyalty programs become a must-have strategy because of their effectiveness in increasing revenues & brand marketing.

3 Magento Optimization Tips Every eCommerce Business Should Follow

Magento is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms for growing an Online Business. Learn how to Optimize your Conversion Rate not to lose Sales.

6 Steps for Successful Magento 2 Migration of Your eCommerce Store

Decision of Magento 2 Migration can be one of the best decisions to help Business thrive. Here are useful Tips & Steps to make the process Smooth & Frustration-free.

Use these 5 Tips to Improve eCommerce Sales on Your Magento

To take full advantage of everything Magento platform has to offer, read through our tips for Boosting eCommerce Sales on Your Magento Store.

How to turn Canonical Meta Tags on in Magento 2

Canonical Meta Tag is a significant meta tag in SEO. Using the Canonical Meta Tag on your site will help improve your site’s ranking on the search engines.

GDPR Website Updates Required To Meet GDPR Deadline

GDPR will require changes to your website policies pages and also your newsletter optin pages. See where to get help. GDPR deadline is 25th May 2018.

3 Reasons To Make the Switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2

What are the top 3 benefits you must consider of switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2. You will be surprised they may not be what you expect.

Save Thousands by Taking Payments with Stripe on your Magento Store

See how you could save thousands of pounds by taking credit card payment with Stripe on your Magento store. Watch the Video NOW.

Increase Sales By Fixing Your Broken Magento Checkout

See how you could be loosing sales with a broken Magento checkout that you don’t even know is broken. Watch the Video NOW.

Magneto Email Lead Capture and List Growth

See the way we grow our client’s email lists which allows them to grow their business. See how you can use it for your business. Watch the Video NOW.