Key Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Magento Development

Are you looking to transform your business hugely? If you do, have you considered consulting an agency with specialist Magento developers? Running a business calls for you to keep up with the emerging trends to achieve a competitive advantage. One emerging trend that is quickly changing the business world is e-commerce. However, building a reputable e-commerce business is not a walk in the park. The fierce competition between businesses in the online sphere means you need a solid e-commerce builder.

Magento developers are specialists that will customise your Magento website into the ideal platform for you to sell online. So, what is Magento all about? Well, this is a PHP-powered platform that allows you to build high-quality e-commerce sites. The Magento e-commerce platform is globally renowned and is highly sought after by the leading online stores. Nevertheless, building your e-commerce site using a reliable platform is not enough. The aspirations of the business owner need to be assimilated into the development process.

Important aspects of Magento development

Your input while building your e-commerce store can mean make or break for your enterprise as a business owner. The success of any e-commerce site is mainly pegged on its functionality, which translates into a worthwhile experience for your clients. That said, below are the key qualities you need to know before contracting a Magento developer.

Highly advanced features

The online space is awash with numerous e-commerce sites. This means that you need to create a unique website that allows your business to stand out. Magento allows you to create a site that will have an appealing effect on users. The numerous features available enable entrepreneurs to develop custom sites that are in line with their goals and ambitions. In addition, Magento also allows you to increase your operational reach by allowing the integration of extensions.

Top-notch security

E-commerce websites are known to be highly profitable and thus are a target of hackers. By considering the Magento e-commerce platform, your online store is secure from unwanted guests. Magento provides an array of security features that ensure that only the business owner gets access to the confidential affairs of the website. This has been made possible by the fact that your site is operated on your system. Also, the Magento e-commerce platform continuously updates its security features to ensure a secure website that inspires the confidence of users.

Promotional tools

Marketing is a key driver of profitability, and Magento developers know this too well. For this reason, a Magento e-commerce platform provides a variety of tools to help bring your marketing strategy to life. The automation provided by Magento helps you handle complex tasks with ease. Among the tasks that the promotional tools will help with include: indexing landing pages, handling page traffic, and tracking responses from the Magento e-commerce site.

Promotional Tools

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User-friendly dashboard

Whether you’re looking to hire a Magento developer expert or create the website on your own, the easy to navigate dashboard will ensure the tasks are accomplished seamlessly. The dashboard presents endless features that you can adopt on your site to achieve the type of functionality that meets your requirements.

Minimal risks involved

Using Magento is free unless you opt for the enterprise version. Also, the fact that this platform is free to use does not compromise the security of your site or your clients’ data.

Supports various payment options

Most online stores fail to live up to their potential because many shoppers are sceptical about sharing their credit card details. Providing a wide range of payment options allows shoppers to use payment methods that they deem secure. Even with the high-level security offered by the Magento e-commerce platform, influencing the beliefs of some shoppers, especially the older generation, can prove to be an uphill task. But with the availability of various payment options, shoppers can now enjoy shopping conveniently without worrying about their financial data falling into the wrong hands.

Fulfilling orders

Delivering goods to clients on time is an incentive that clients cannot turn down. As your e-commerce store grows, meeting order deadlines can be overwhelming. But with Magento, you need not worry about order delivery to any part of the world. Magento is connected by default to the leading global carriers such as DHL, FedEx, USPS, and USP. As a website owner, you may choose to use all four carriers or simply settle for the ones you feel offer appealing conditions and rates.

Fulfilling Orders

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Magento developer editions

Every business owner has their requirements when building an online store. Whether you are looking to build a website from scratch or conduct integrations, Magento offers two editions that will help achieve your agenda. These editions include:

Open Source edition

This is an open-source solution that is ideal for companies <£10M revenue. The benefit of this edition is that it allows you to test the e-commerce space to understand what works best for your business.

Commerce edition

The Commerce edition has a licence fee which unlocks additional features to the Open Source version and is designed for enterprise trading more than £10M.

Why choose Magento?

An agency of great Magento developers is not only geared towards enabling website owners to build high-performance online stores. The platform provides an opportunity to customize your strategies for optimized growth. Every e-commerce site adopts the same tried and tested formula of awareness, interests, desire, and action. However, the execution of each step of the formula is dependent on the entrepreneur’s choices.

Why Choose Magento

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Owning an e-commerce website does not guarantee financial freedom. The success of your online store is largely influenced by the platform on which it is built and the strategies you apply. An agency of Magento developers presents an opportunity to transform the fortunes of your business by providing an enabling environment that adopts the latest trends in the world of e-commerce trading. Whether you are an e-commerce giant or an amateur, Magento e-commerce promises to offer long-term solutions that enhance the growth of your business.

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