Agile In & Beyond IT – Attending the 4th Annual Agile Serbia Conference

2buy1click is extremely proud to have attended the 4th annual Agile Serbia conference – Agile In & Beyond IT, held in Belgrade

5 E-commerce Trends to Look for in 2020 and Beyond

Has the time come for eCommerce and traditional retail to merge, for the sake of mutual benefit? Trends to look for in 20202 & Beyond

Social Commerce – Increasing Sales Through Smart SM Strategies

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Picking Between Readymade and Custom Magento Themes

Custom or Readymade eCommerce Magento Theme? Why custom themes are superior to readymade ones in almost all aspects?

Boosting Sales By Enabling Magento Site Search Capabilities

Magento allows you to optimize your shop for the best possible user experience where a huge part of it is the product search

Using Gift Cards to Improve Marketing and Boost eCommerce Sales

Many old-school marketing tactics that still work very well in an eCommerce environment – Gift Cards are a good example of that

6 Effective Ways for Promoting Your Store this year

In the world of eCommerce what matters is the promotion, getting the word out & grabbing your slice of the cake before someone else does

How Quality Customer Reviews Can Improve eCommerce Sales

Reviews and ratings help establish eCommerce brand as trustworthy, reliable, and “real,” and can help boost revenue significantly

9 Email Marketing Hacks To Improve eCommerce Conversions

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Few more Automated Email Marketing Predictions

It seems 2019 is all about email marketing and tapping into its vast potential. Here are a few more tips to help with your Marketing

Automated Email Marketing Predictions for 2019

It seems 2019 is all about email marketing and tapping into its vast potential. If you’re looking for some hot tips you’re in the right place.

Why You Should be Using Giveaways to Boost Your Magento Store

Online shoppers that received Free Gifts are more likely to order products from the same online store after receiving it

Magento Popups – Weighing the Pros and Cons

While you may have built a successful online biz, how do you make sure that success and identity translates through your Popup?

What It Takes to Build A Successful Fashion eCommerce Store

If you own a Fashion eCommerce Store there are things you can do for customer retention, better conversion rates and better sales.

Increase Sales Using Coupon Codes on Your Magento Store with our 9 Tips

The more you give, the more you receive, simply because people tend to buy more when they feel as if they’re saving money.

Instagram or Pinterest for Promoting Fashion eCommerce Business?

Today, it is virtually impossible for a fashion eCommerce business to survive on the market without relying on social media to promote its brand.

Why User Reviews Are So Important for Your Magento Store

User reviews help build a sense of community, and are considered more credible than any advertising money can buy as they often lead to sales.

GDPR Website Updates Required To Meet GDPR Deadline

GDPR will require changes to your website policies pages and also your newsletter optin pages. See where to get help. GDPR deadline is 25th May 2018.