Why You Should be Using Giveaways to Boost Your Magento Store

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Whether we’re talking about makeup samples, coffee, discount codes or other goodies, free stuff is always more than welcome, even if it’s something we don’t really need.

Physical stores and do it on the regular, so why wouldn’t online stores do something similar? It doesn’t matter if freebies are not exactly tangible. In this day and age, digital goods can be just as enticing as physical ones. More importantly, they serve a purpose, and the purpose is to get more customers and, ultimately, sell more of your product.

How Do Giveaways Help Your Business?

The power of giveaways is not something you should take for granted, even if (and especially if) you’re a small, young business that can’t really afford to give things away for free. When you give someone something for free, you initiate a customer reaction that may not necessarily be conscious, but is definitely there, and it is definitely strong. They reward you for your perceived generosity and the reward consists of improved sales.

Furthermore, people feel like they have to give something in return, even though they never asked for the favor in the first place. They might even buy the same thing for a higher price later on, or buy more of your product. Also, free stuff is free, which makes giveaways a better marketing tool than discounts.

Finally, giveaways improve your reputation to a great extent thanks to word of mouth. People talk about your freebies, post about them on their social media pages and it gets your store’s name out there.

Why You Should Be Using Free Giveaways To Boost Your Magento Free Gift

What Can You Give Away For Free?

Boost the sales of your website by providing your customers with Free gifts on purchasing particular products. There are a lot of extensions on the market that can help you create diversity of promotions to your sites visitors and give them lots of reasons to become returning buyers.

These extensions offer multiple solutions for achieving this by allowing you to add a free gift to cart on the basis of various conditions. The same product can be added to the cart when a promo item is placed there. Alternatively, you can provide gift products for the whole order, for the specified amount of money, or depending on the quantity of the same items in the cart. You can create conditions based on product and cart attributes.

Based on your specific business needs and with the help of experienced Magento Team, you can tailor the Free gift extension to an easy and very effective way to increase clients’ loyalty and prepare fertile ground for future revenue boost.

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You know how they say that there’s no better gift than a book? Well, make that an e-book and make it a free gift, and you got yourself a neat strategy for generating more leads and improving your conversion rates.

Of course, that means you would have to write an e-book first, which seems scary, to say the least, but is definitely worth considering. It doesn’t have to be Anna Karenina or anything, just a little collection of tips and ideas from your area of expertise will do just fine. These e-books make a great impression on your site visitors and your prospective clients and customers, and they are great for giveaways.

Free classes are also an excellent idea. It can be an introductory class, no strings attached, which will put your customers at ease and won’t make them feel like they owe something to you in any way. Use these free classes to promote your services and watch free leads pour your way. Free video consultations and one-on-ones with your prospective clients works in a similar way and is also very useful for those who do not have a physical product.

How-To videos are usually free anyway, but you can make a series of more detailed instruction videos that aim to help your customer with a particular issue or area they want to develop. You can also offer free how-to videos regarding the use or maintenance of the product your store is selling.

What about free downloads? Those can be very useful too, especially for software and developer services. You make some products free and your customers come back for more, only this time – they pay. And for those whose product can be improved by an app or extension, giving away those for free is another great way to get more leads. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just a little contacts extension for browsers or something like that. The point is to give away something that you can afford giving away and that still has some value or benefit for your customers.

Free trial period is a staple of giveaways as a marketing and lead-building tool. The same goes for money back guarantees. Today, there isn’t a major online store or company that doesn’t offer some or of satisfaction guarantee. As long as you really do have a quality product or service you can stand by, you should definitely offer something similar to your customers.

The bottom line is really quite simple: don’t be cheap. Give your customers free stuff every now and then. It will be a minor expense for you (if at all) and the result, in terms of new leads, is bound to be positive. Think about what kind of things you could give away or offer or free and get the ball rolling today.

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