Why Magento is the Right Choice for Your Online Fashion Store

The Internet has changed almost every aspect of our everyday lives in a profound way and this is perhaps most visible in the way we shop. With computers and smartphones becoming basically ubiquitous, more and more people prefer doing their shopping online – from bigger purchases down to grocery shopping. The fashion industry has changed with eCommerce as well. Just think of any brand you’ve ever heard of, whether it is apparel, shoes or accessories and jewelry, type it in your search engine and the first thing that pops up will be their online store.

Creating a successful, profitable online fashion store requires a lot of effort and a lot of resources. But it also requires one thing that an average consumer doesn’t know much about – a really good eCommerce platform. Magento has established itself over the years as one of the top eCommerce platforms, and it is particularly suitable for the fashion industry. The platform comes in two editions – Enterprise, designed for big names, and Community, which is free and thus ideal for small and growing businesses.

Some of the top international fashion brands using Magento as their eCommerce platform include Hermés, Christian Louboutin, Bulgari, Victoria Beckham, Rebecca Minkoff, Missguided, Agent Provocateur, and many more. So why do all these ultra-successful companies choose Magento over the competition? Let’s take a look.

eCommerce-Only Platform

Magento is a platform that is designed with one and only one purpose in mind – to host eCommerce websites. The company directs all its attention and resources to providing the best possible eCommerce experience to merchants, consumers and other stakeholders. Thanks to this, Magento keeps coming up with better and better solutions, integrations and extensions that keep pushing the eCommerce industry forward.

Flexibility, Scalability, Personalization

Magento provides fashion brands with amazing flexibility. Thanks to great customization options, you, as a merchant, can personalize the site any way you want, having vast control over what your shop will look like and how it will attract customers. In the world of fashion, uniqueness and originality are an absolute imperative.

You, as a fashion brand, have to set yourself apart from others, to sell a lifestyle, not just a piece of clothing, and Magento, with its great customization and personalization capabilities, allows you to do just that. Furthermore, you can scale your website up or down according to your needs, which is particularly important for small brands that have only just started but have big plans for growth.

Magento Right Choice For Fashion Store - Flexibility

SEO and Marketing Solutions

No matter how great your fashion line is, your business is going nowhere without proper marketing, analytics and SEO tools. Magento is packed with solutions that help you put your name out there and it also has a host of advanced SEO capabilities that help you rank higher in search engine results. Your eCommerce website can be easily configured to include meta data, product and category descriptions, sitemaps, custom URLs and so on.

Responsive and Multiple Pages

People today are getting more and more used to viewing and browsing online stores from their mobile devices. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make your eCommerce site a responsive one, meaning a site that will fit perfectly onto any size screen.

This does not happen automatically or at least it doesn’t with platforms that do not offer responsive (mobile-friendly) themes. Magento, fortunately, does so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Loyalty, Rewards, Coupons

Magento helps you promote your fashion brand through various solutions such as loyalty programs, rewards or points program, discount coupons and so on. These solutions are very easy to implement in Magento and you can use them to improve customer retention, get more customers and simply get people to buy more of what you’re selling.

Magento Right Choice For Fashion Store - Loyalty


Being an open-source platform, Magento keeps growing and improving month after month, year after year. Another thing that is growing and improving is the host of amazing extensions and plugins created with the purpose of making your eCommerce site better and the experience easier.

Magento is known for great extensions, many of which are free. A lot of them can be implemented in a fashion online store – from extensions that help you manage shipping and delivery and payment solutions to advanced search, visual merchandising and many more.

Bottom Line

Open source technology, amazing flexibility, user-friendly interface, cross-channel integration, advanced marketing and SEO tools, secured payment gateway options, analytics, performance reports…these are just some of the things that make Magento a great solution for a fashion eCommerce website, from luxury brands and major fashion companies to small, budding labels that are just starting to grow.

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