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Magento Development and Marketing Solutions

Magento is now the Web’s most popular Open Source eCommerce platforms. It has capability of serving small businesses, mid sizes businesses & truly eCommerce enterprises across the globe.

Magento Expertise comes from years of experience in working with Magento and we have over 50 man years of Magento development experience within our company. Together with 40 years of project management and software development experience enabling us to develop highly complex eCommerce websites.

Magento Services - Fix Your Magento

Fix Your Magento

Are you struggling with a poorly implemented Magento website?

We specialise in taking over broken Magento sites – fixing, tweaking and cleaning the bad code, so they perform. You will see an increase in your bottom line within days of us taking over.

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Magento Services - One Click Payment

One-Click Payments

Add Apple Pay, Paypal Express and Amazon Pay to speed up your clients checkout to a few clicks.

Especially important for Mobile Commerce to significantly reduce abandoned carts.

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Magento Services - Business System integrations

Business Systems Integration

Need Magento to integrate with your ERP, CRM, POS, Accounts or 3rd party software?

Nearly all our clients have these complexities, and we have become specialists in integrating Magento with just about any system. Our integrations are both simple and reliable.

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Magento Services - Rewards Scheme Integration

Rewards Scheme Integration

In the increasingly competitive business space, customer Loyalty Programs could be what differentiates you from competitors.

Increase your ROI through a Loyalty program implementation and create tremendous and long-lasting relationships with your clients.

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Magento Services - Email List Growth

Email List Growth

2buy1click has been incorporating our Magento Lead Capture System for the past seven years and each time we have seen our clients sales grow from between 50% to 1000%!

Fully integrated with marketing automation applications like Mailchimp or Dotmailer.

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Magento Services - Promotions Management

Promotion Management

With the help of our experienced team, cut down time on promotion related tasks and effectively manage your company selling strategy.

We also help implement and maintain advanced promotion solutions that supply additional promotion functionality.

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Magento Services - Custom Made Extensions

Custom Made Extensions

We architect and build custom Magento extensions for your needs.

Our extensions complement the standard features of Magento. So your platform runs seamlessly and effortless from the user’s point of view.

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Magento Services - Magento Maintenance

Magento Maintenance

It is recommended to upgrade Magento stores to the latest version of Magento, and install any security-related patches as soon as they become available.

Our team will provide monitoring and apply any required system patches seamlessly to your store with no downtime or issues.

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Magento Services - Configuration of Extensions

Configuration of Extensions

The 3rd-party extensions are sometimes difficult to understand and optimise.

We will provide you with the assistance on how each of the extensions works with Magento so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits.

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Magento Services - Bespoke Magento Themes

Bespoke Magento Themes

We know that every business is unique.

That is why we offer our clients the best custom made Magento themes, designed specifically for them to accentuate their company image and increase the strength of their brand.

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Magento Services - Stunning Mobile Design

Stunning Mobile Designs

With over 50%+ of website visitors coming from mobile devices, it is essential for your site to be mobile responsive and to adapt to the different screen sizes.

Our designers create stunning graphics that look amazing across all devices.

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Magento Services - Speed Up Magento

Speed Up Magento

Website speed is essential from the end customer shopping experience.

Slow loading websites usually result in a large bounce rate. We build super fast Magento websites. If your website is slow, we can speed it up.

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Magento Services - Search engine & SEO

Search Engine Marketing & SEO

Making subtle adjustments and tweaks to your website’s code is very important for its visibility in search engines.

We provide in-depth SEO audit and SEO improvements. With our monthly SEO Content and Brand Enhancement service, you will benefit from increased traffic and preserved brand quality.

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Magento Services - Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Analytics is meant for analysis, not just reporting. Are you getting the most from your Analytics?

Gain a better understanding of your clients and apply that knowledge to improve your site for a greater online experience and increased conversions.

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Magento Services - User Experience Improvments

User Experience Improvements

No need to guess how long visitors stay on your site or what they are having trouble with.

Tools like Hotjar, Mouse Flow and FullStory track end client journey through your site and use those insights to improve customers’ experience and ultimately site conversion.

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Magento Services - GDPR Guidelines Implementation

GDPR guidelines Implementation

The General Data Protection Regulation is a legal model setting guidelines for collecting and processing personal information of individuals within the EU.

Our Magento sites are built to comply with GDPR.

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Magento Services - Magento Hosting

Magento Hosting

We’ll meet your Magento hosting needs by helping you choose and set up a custom hosting environment to guarantee uptime and speed.

We work closely with our Hosting partners in maintaining and implementing enhancements to ensure your store achieves maximum sales possible.

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Magento Services - Training & Support

Training & Support

Each of our clients receives personalised training videos and guides created specifically for their website, so they can quickly learn and do most of the work by themselves.

Combine this with Technical and Consulting services and learn how other merchants are growing the online business.

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Magento Services - Re-Platforming to Magento 2

Re-Platforming to Magento 2

When you outgrow your current eCommerce platform or just need to upgrade from Magneto 1 to Magento 2.

Our re-platforming service gives you peace of mind for a stress-free transition to your new Magento 2 platform.

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Magento Services - Site Audit

Site Audit

The insights from a website audit of your Magento site help uncover:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO ) issues
  • Magento issues
  • Conversion improvements (CRO)

Addressing any of the findings in our Audit report often results in a quick increase in visitors and sales.

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Magento Services - Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Quality Assurance testing allows regular testing to be carried out to highlight issues that may occur usually due to a change 3rd party systems and services.

Catching them early limits any loss in new customers and sales and keeps your Magento running fast and error-free.

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Showcase Projects

for Manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturing company, then you bring a whole host of challenges to putting your products online. This can range from large 1,000,000+ products to complex conditional configurations and even custom products.

We have become specialists in creating Magento eCommerce sites for manufacturers.

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