Agile Leadership Course – Scrum Alliance Certified

As the world of work becomes increasingly complex, organizations and leaders are called upon to deliver more innovative products and services on a more frequent basis, while keeping the company’s culture dynamic and gratifying.

Agile methodologies and associated Scrum techniques have proven to be very beneficial towards achieving these goals, especially in the modern IT workplace.

As a company, we are very strong proponents of Agile and Scrum, which is why 2buy1click Operations Director Sanya Ristic successfully completed the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program, issued by Scrum Alliance.

Certified Agile Leadership Course I with Olaf Lewitz, held on November 26-27, 2019, Belgrade

The Scrum Alliance CAL program is an educational and practice-based program with the goal of developing Agile leadership competency and maturity in order to increase the effectiveness of leaders in complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing conditions.

CAL I is an educational course that consists of in-depth leadership development learning objectives across six categories.

  • Personal dimension of leadership
  • Acting as a leader
  • Interacting as a leader
  • Agile Transformation process
  • Complexity of Agile
  • Leadership development

Building Strong Relationships with people you work with

It’s truly a fantastic program that we recommend for any business leader, whether you’re a product owner, scrum master, team leader, or any type of manager or executive that’s in a position of leadership within a company or team.

Taking this course is a great way to learn not only what you should be doing to increase the productivity of your team, but what you should avoid doing as well. It shows you how to overcome some very common business traps that can limit your teams success.

Above all, the course will help you to improve your communication skills and leadership and, invariably, help inspire others around you to adopt the Agile mindset and strive to become leaders as well.

Final words

The goal of CAL I is to bring awareness of Agile thinking, focus, and behaviors as well as to increase leadership effectiveness and learn how to be a better leader, no matter the business role you are inhabiting.

This course and certification is just another step forward in our company mission to excel and provide better services by adopting Agile values, practices, and metrics in our work and business practices.

Check out these pictures from the course to see a bit of the atmosphere:

Course Atmosphere

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