Secure Fast Hosting is not your ordinary hosting company. It’s one of the new generation of super specialised hosts that focus on one specific type of hosting and do it extremely well. They needed a website that could convey their leading position as the fastest host on the planet to a non technical business owners.

Gone are the imagery of racks and servers replaced with end users seeing the benefits that super fast hosting brings.


There are so many web hosts out there, most competing on who can be the cheapest. So how can Secure Fast Hosting convey the added value that only they can bring. SPEED!

Their target market is business owners. They totally understand the need for speed after all Google is always telling them and all business owners are impatient right? They also know cheap definitely means slow!


We create them a stunning site using the latest design trends not forgetting that we want visitors to the site to take action and signup for their hosting.


The design that we came up with was also harmonized with their back end billing, server and website management system WHMCS to give a very professional very smooth experience that is a pleasure to use.

Secure Fast Hosting Showcase website speed


Secure Fast Hosting put 1000’s of hour into becoming the fastest, so they had to have a website that conveyed that message and stood out from the crowd. They are very very pleased with the results.