This was an amazingly complex site to build. It supported 3 warehouses, payment in 3 currencies, retail pricing and 7 separate wholesale pricing points, plus integration with account package MYOB. All this was taken care of with standard Magento and a few advanced modules. This was an amazing feat of programming a world wide business model into an eCommerce application. It also included full stock control in all 3 warehouses as well as bar code scanning of incoming product to the warehouses to update the stock levels.


The problem with the previous Ecommerce system was the lack of integration with their warehouse and accounts package. This meant that a type of “cut and pasting” of order information was needed to operate the business wasting hours of labour.


A fully integrated system was required where orders placed would be automatically routed to the right warehouse, shipped and the accounts system would be updated accordingly including automatic management of stock.


The final solution did everything asked of it and running on a super fast server also achieved a 5A speed rating with Google own speed test rating system.


Magento allowed us to solve all the immense number business conditions necessary for Platypus business to operate online in bout retail and wholesale markets. It dealt with tax, shipping, stock, accounts, multi price per products taking multi currency credit card, purchase orders and pay pal payments.

If your have such challenging requirements then give us a call and see if we can solve you online eCommerce challenge.