This client needed to match their Infusionsoft shopping cart with their site, so this is what we did.

By default, Infusionsoft does not have a 2 column checkout template. However we used some clever coding to create it. In the right sidebar, we added the benefits from buying from them and some testimonial to better explain the product and benefits of doing business with this company.

NPFS Ltd Case study Order form details
NPFS Ltd Case study details

The Devil Is In The Checkout Details

We love Infusionsoft however like many UK and International customers their checkout is very US centric.

Take a close look details we have added:-

  1. County/State rather than just state
  2. Postcode/Zip rather than just Zip
  3. 16 Digit Credit Card Number box large enough for 16 digits
  4. The Card Expiry Date above the expiry date boxes (Infusionsoft just had date! and it confuses customers)
  5. Pay with Paypal (he wanted a link to de emphasize paypal, but it could have been paypal button)

Well not any more… We fixed this. For our own business this fix alone gave us 14% reduction is customers failing to enter their credit card details incorrectly.

Infusionsoft does not have a template to add a sidebar on single product page, again we used some clever coding to create it. This way client has an option to point out benefits related to particular product, and add any info in place so it stands out more when someone reviews the page. Editing this text is through the normal infusionsoft product description editor.

As a little extra we also matched the invoice email with the site to keep his branding consistent from order to invoice.

NPFS Ltd Case study checkout details
NPFS Ltd Case study Invoice details
Mark Daws NPFS Ltd Understanding Personable Force

I have been an infusionsoft user for some time and as much as I love what infusionsoft can do and has done for our business, the shopping cart and checkout pages have always been a bone of contention for me as they could be a lot better.

To this extent, I had hired other software professionals to make it look better, but to no avail. I even bought a third party add-on, but it didn’t have the ability to add vat so it was no good to me.

I came across Lyndon and his team from an email mailshot. It looked good and the follow up call with his team was helpful and useful. Nothing seemed too much for these guys and they got my checkout page and shopping cart up and running in four days in time for a very large launch that we are had planned.

Everything went smoothly, with no hitches at all and I now have a very professional looking checkout and cart facility that I didn’t have before that matches my web-site perfectly and will undoubtedly help me increase sales.

In addition, Lyndon and his team even helped me by showing me some other benefits to implement at no additional cost. In fact, because I am not a ‘techy’ Lyndon even offered to make the necessary changes for me at no additional cost.

They delivered what they promised (and more), on time and of an exceptional standard.

I would most definitely recommend 2buy1click without hesitation to any infusionsoft user as their service and styling will definitely increase your profits and make you look much more professional.

– Mark Dawes, Director, NFPS Ltd.