The Problem

When we took over the website, there were many flaws, some as simple as low-quality images, through to a checkout that did not work every time. Previous developers took weeks to fix problems that we sorted in hours. The site was holding back sales within the business.

2buy1click Ltd took over the site and started to address a long list of issues. Within a few days, orders stated to increase without any additional traffic.

Key Features

  • Added lead capture popup – Email list grows 8x faster.
  • Speeded up the site hosting on fast servers. Used to load in 15 seconds now in about 3 seconds.
  • Added many conversion optimisation elements as requested by their advisors.
  • Fixed the Google analytics tracking to show signups and sales correctly.
  • Switched from using Barclaycard Gateway to and saved customer £1,000’s a year in merchant fees.
  • Moved credit card entry from off-site to checkout page onsite without incurring over £2,500 in PCI-DSS Level 1 Fees!
  • Streamlined the checkout process for customers by allowing them to enter their credit cards on the checkout page reducing abandoned carts.
  • Cutting the cost of using three multi-currency accounts to a single account and then allowing currency conversion additionally for CAD and AUD.
LookFabulousForever case study