Kaymed were looking to use their website to gain marking information about their bed customers. They wanted to showcase their range of advanced technology mattresses and also make it really easy for people looking to by their beds to find the nearest stockists using sat nav on their mobile phones..


When we analysed their existing website traffic it was obvious that the majority of visitors were looking for stockists of Kaymed beds. The challenge was that the mobile user experience was some what lacking and far from optimized.


We defined the website function into two parts. Super mobile optimised part for finding a stockists using their mobile phone sat nav. The second function of the site was to showcase their product in a beautiful attractive way that was interwoven with call to actions to collect customer information.

A modern long page layout format was used using stunning photography interwoven with clear messages and offers of further information for download.


This resulted in a mobile user able to find a stockist and have their google maps navigating them there is as little as two clicks on their phone!

The call to action and signup forms combined with advanced Google Analytics tracking their geolocations resulted in knowing which towns and cities in the UK need to have Kaymed beds stocked in. This information is directly used by the marketing team to target new stockists where the customer demand is.

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This project shows how even if you do not directly sell your product through your website your website can be used to give you solid market intelligence that is directly actionable to increase product sales. It’s also building a mailing list of existing customer which can be used in future to promote new products to.

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