We all know that now is the easiest time to learn any skill from the comfort of your computer. It seems the online learning marketplace is growing exponentially with new courses and websites.

Our client Rocky Biasi, owner of HumanConnections.com.au has a perfect service which had to be upgraded to enable better visual appeal and learning experience.

The website features flat design and minimalism that go hand-in-hand, sharing the same principles like simplicity and content-focused design with vibrant color scheme and simple typography.

The result is a fresh, uncluttered website with primary interaction tools like pop up notifications that have more impact on users. We have taken the pop up notifications to higher level using video registration forms that are proven to convert better and boost your registration.

The presence of explainer video is very noticeable on the site to demonstrate how a product or service works.

The site also features complex iteration of membership and services offered tailored to suite clients specific needs and requirements.