Minimalism, in the context of design, refers to simple, unadorned designs that embody only the most basic and fundamental needs. In context of Web design it is a constant effort to capture the essence of service, product or business with minimal use of elements.

Direct Design Floors was a challenge which we feel have successfully realized. To capture and maintain successful story of company that provides an exceptional customer experience, while supporting only eco friendly products and industry best practices.

With the design focused on content, clean right angles and lines, vibrant, colorful images and minimal number of colors this website comprises everything that is a must in website trends. Whilst it exudes dedicated, sturdy business and client focused company.

The website features fully functioning Store using WooCommerce platform within a professional website.  All these dimensions of a business’ online presence are harnessed in one place, and presented together seamlessly.

Minimalistic design is here to stay and more and more websites follow this trends and it is the right time to create minimalistic website for your business, portfolio, blog, magazine or other.