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About 2buy1click

2buy1click Ltd was set up in 2005 with a goal to develop very profitable Magento eCommerce websites.

Now, 2buy1click Ltd has grown into a team of 12 developers and created over 300 Magento and WordPress websites. Our focus is on improving efficiency. We apply efficiency to all aspects of our business form development, project management, customer support and admin.

Our customer benefits from lower development cost, virtually zero bugs, and resulting in highly reliable Magento Stores.


Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments certification in Landing Page Optimization

InfusionSoft Master Buildery Certification

Infusionsoft Certification

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Mastery Certified

Optimizely logo

Optimizely Certification

Optimizely certified in Web Page Optimization

eMarketing Logo

eMarketing Institute

eMarketing Institute certification in Email Marketing

Google for work Partner

Google for Work Partner

We are certified google partners in Adwords and G Suite products

eMarketing Logo

eMarketing Institute

eMarketing Institute certification in Search Engine Optimization

Our 2buy1click Team

Hackathon in Novi Sad

This hackathon focused WordPress Speed. We have the fasted WordPress Admin – Read the full story

Hackathon in Belgrade

2014 hackathon focusing on Simplification and Speed up. Read the full story.

Mini Hackathon in Zlatibor

The team came up great ways to auto promote customer website and speed up content creation and delivery. Read the full story.

Hackerthon in Belgrade

See how the team moved some more mountains in the development of faster better quality website.

Hackerthon in Zlatibor

ver 4 days they tackled a number of incredible challenging problems that has resulted in new products and services that will provide significant benefits to our customers.

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